Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Disclosure Digest 10-15-19

Can We Get Some Sympathy 

For The Devil Tonight?

Time to get over it folks, this Satanic shit be real and it's gonna become common knowledge; Garn:

The Saker foresees a political resolution to the Turkish incursion conundrum: coming Right Up:

ZeroHedge reports that the transfer of policing duties now falls on Russia, Syria, Iran and  Iraq

Think this is surreal? Just binge watch the early Twilight Zone shows with plenty of Popcorn

The Red Baron wants to control ALL of your juice! Solar panel scam exposed in CA: Grokfest:
More details of the recent Cabal attack on CA civilization; Rothschilds own PG&E - Duh:

It's not only your Circque Du Soliel sexual acrobatics; An apple a day keeps your prostate OK!:

Got some Monday Madness from young anchorman, Jordans Sather, including an 8Kun update;

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