Thursday, October 24, 2019

Disclosure Digest 10-23-19

The Photonic High Colonic Has Arrived

Praying Medic has a wonderful panic free style of putting ugly ducklings in a row: Git sum:

While we're awaiting Q's return on 8Kun, Serialbrain2 provides insight into POTUS' game:

The Meme Wars are spreading into all aspects of the print and video media; Koolaid drinkers can't...:

Sublieutenant Clapper and Ubergruppenfuhrer Brennan are firmly in the cross-hairs of AG Barr:

The President has finally named a new Secretary of Energy; swamp drainage right ahead of schedule:

SGT report interviews Harvey Schlanger about TRUMP'S CHECKMATE; good Red-pill video,Y'all:

Dru rocks (Red Rocks fer sure); a very effective Gaia Connection /Guided Unity Breath Meditation:

Team Dark tried instituting Operation Yellowhammer and ended up with only bloody thumbs; KEK:

Peggy Black and her 'team' of Hathors have been nailing it for a long time, here's why; Ponderfest:

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