Monday, October 14, 2019

Disclosure Digest 10-13-19

All Hail Fair Atlantis !

A titillating Troika of recent SVR nuggets for your edification; take what resonates and leave the rest:

The GAoG site remains a go-to destination for Truthseekers; a shout out to Steve, Suzanne and Co:

Yes, folks we're in a seriously Hot war for the very Souls of all humanity; AAM leads the troops:

DC hosting a massive outbreak of PANIC as The Storm ramps up; Moar popcorn, Inkeeper:

You don't have to be Captain Obvious to understand how most functionally sane individuals Feel:

This is [TD] publishing giant is screwing your progeny out of any semblance of education; Cucked:

Fox News is ditching the dissonance at after AG Barr visited cucked Rupert to discuss his plea deal: 

More Clown ops get exposed; real Mata Hari stuff, could be Mossad or rogue C_A;Inquiring Minds:

We wrap with The Arcturians, through Sue Lie,  explaining The Lost Memory of SELF; Grok On:

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