Thursday, October 10, 2019

Disclosure Digest 10-10-19


The seriously intense Photonic High Colonic 10:10 Portal Energies are here; don't forget to exhale:

Here's another timely Q Proof from Sierra down under: welcome to Red October -KEK:

Celia Fenn is way connected to the Ascension Timeline energies and shares her insight here:

Sunday POTUS Tweets compare well to FDR’s Fireside Radio Chats in wartime US.

POTUS in his own words; hard to misinterpret the man when you actually get to hear him:

Todays Trump Chuckles -

Simon Parkes with an Alert from London about the Stand For the Constitution; Oorah:

The New Earth Promo Campaign among the Sleepers has begun in earnest: go John:

We wrap it up with another timely, if somewhat long, download via Morag O'Brien; a Ponderfest:

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