Saturday, October 26, 2019

Disclosure Digest 10-26-19

 “The Cosmos is within us. We are made of Star-stuff. We are a way for the Universe to know Itself.” Astronomer Carl Sagan

The Andromedans gave us Buddhism and its highest expression, The Vajrayana; Om Ah Hum:

Boeing is deep into SSP's off planet, above top secret Corporate Space Conglomerate: think Cheney:

Here it is, folks - mandatory micro-chipping of children/sheeple via vaccinations; Basta Finito Baby:

The Killary 2.0 clone is starting to seriously malfunction; replacement still growing in the tank, KEK:

More Romney Chronicles from SerialBrain2; I like to focus on the black box 'decodes' for Clarity:

When the Schiff hits the Orange Fan; God, I love this citizen journalism : Git sum IPOT:

This mind-blowing graph of the corrupt web of Epstein connections is truly a Plethora of Perps:

Peace is busting out all over Planet Earth/Terra Gaia; Eyes Open, BS Meters On and No Fear:

GAoG provides us with this closer, sent in by a reader; (Please send Bro Beckow some Love):

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