Monday, October 28, 2019

Sauls Latest Epistle To The Terrans

Channelled By John Smallman On 10-28-19

You All Made Very Conscious Choices To Incarnate At This Time 
In Humanity’s Spiritual Evolution

Life at One with Source is perfect, complete, absolutely blissful.  Life separated from Source – were it possible, and it most definitely is NOT – when it was not terrifying, would be boring, meaningless, a waste of “time.”  In fact it would be an ongoing and endless attempt to deny or ignore the fear filled disaster of being separated from Source, from the bliss, while experiencing a terrifying sense of aloneness, of abandonment, of the lack of LOVE.

So, over the eons, once the basic needs for human survival had been met, humans have been seeking diversions, seeking for something to do!  Something to distract them from the sense that something incredibly important was missing from their lives.  Those with suitably developed intellects studied the physical earthly environment beneath their feet and the heavens above, and invented religions and philosophies, art and music in order to fill their days with meaningful activities.

Those who were less inclined to intellectual development – the vast majority of humans – engaged in competitive physical activities which for the most part involved conflict.  This inspired some of the intellectuals to encourage some of those who were into physical activities to join with them to control the simple people, those who would happily support anyone who promised that they would and could provide them with the basic necessities of life.  Then tribes, clans, and nations developed, and these different groups fought each other for the power, the authority, the ability, and the right to control the people.

Now, finally, the collective, humanity, YOU – each divinely created child of God – has chosen to bring to an end this insane way of living as humans in form, using judgment, blame, hatred, and conflict to resolve your differences.  You have become aware that each human has a right to life, and has a right to the basic necessities that humans in form need for their physical survival.

Consequently, very recently, over the last six or seven decades, increasing numbers of you who live in the more technologically advanced and wealthier nations have joined organizations who’s aim is to eradicate global poverty.  You have been very successful so far, but much remains to be done, because there are still many nations that are controlled by power-hungry individuals who need a massive subservient population in order to appear powerful while hiding and suppressing their own denied sense of personal inadequacy, their sense of separation.  That sense of separation, of abandonment is the result of that momentary decision to experience separation from Source that You apparently made so many eons ago, but which, in truth was but a moment ago, and which never actually happened.

Because you are as powerful as your Source, Mother/Father/God, the Supreme Intelligence/Wisdom, you were able to conceive of and build an unreal illusory environment in which you could play the game of separation, an environment which appears to be incontestably real.  Your human bodies, with their five senses, confirm for you the reality of the environment in which you live.  And that environment has expanded enormously over the last two or three hundred years as your ability to view and explore the universe has grown with the aid of modern science and the technology it has invented.  But it remains unreal! Only Love is Real.

As the intense need for many of you to take care of your basic human survival needs has diminished you have started to become aware of your interdependence, of the fact that all of your achievements depend on mutual cooperation between you and others.  You discovered that as you cooperated with one another more wholeheartedly the results you intended to achieve came into being more easily and more rapidly.  You began to honor the skills that others had that made it possible to bring your intentions into being.

In discovering that love for others began to grow, replacing the fear and distrust in which you had held others for so long.  Love began to become the basis for all sorts of relationships as trust in others grew and was honored.  Initially it was on a very small scale, but over the last few decades love and trust has replaced the authoritarian rules and inflexible beliefs that governed many relationships, thus allowing people to be themselves and to engage freely with their inherent skills, instead of having to do only what authority figures permitted.

This is a time in which humanity’s spiritual evolution is accelerating rapidly, because a sense of urgency to change your ways has developed as your awareness of the enormous damage that the industrial age has inflicted on the planet has sharpened.  The thoughtless and ill considered development of technological abilities, which were then put into practice without taking the time to investigate the possible downside of doing so, and the consequences of that lack of wisdom, are now urgently demanding your attention, and getting it.

Nevertheless, be of good cheer, for your collective intent to awaken is leading you towards using wisdom and love in your relationships on every level of human society, and the signs or evidence of this are being reported very widely.  Do not be persuaded by those who live in the fear, and who do their best to share it widely, that an environmental catastrophe is imminent.

Yes, there are devastating and ongoing forest fires and floods in many places, but they are having an essential cleansing effect which will become apparent as they draw to a close.  Focus your attention instead on the many and varied positive changes that people worldwide are most successfully putting into effect for the benefit of all of humanity.  As you can see, your awareness of the need for change in so many areas is most definitely intensifying, and as a result the powerful collective intent to make it happen is gaining momentum.

The New Age is dawning, it cannot be prevented, and it will become evermore visible as the cleansing effects of forest fires and flooding reach completion.  Amazing numbers of people are doing wonderful work in the areas affected by fires and floods, and local communities offering accommodation and loving support to those who have become homeless are most beautifully demonstrating Love in action.

This willingness to act together to support those in need has never before in your history occurred on such a large scale, and because it is so effective, and because the sense, the feeling of love that all are experiencing is so intense, the concomitant communal bonds that are forming in so many areas are magnificently altering people’s perceptions of the true meaning of community.

The insanity of the petty differences – and the vast majority of differences between people or nations are petty – that have for so long been extremely divisive, are at last being fully recognized as such, and will therefore no longer be used in self righteous indignation to judge and condemn others.  The turning point has been reached as more and more hearts are opening to Love, allowing fear to dissolve as they engage in mutual cooperation and trust to bring an end to the mindless conflicts that have for eons brought so much suffering to humanity.

Long before you were born into your present lifetimes – in the 20th and 21st centuries of the modern era – you all made very conscious choices to be incarnate at this time in humanity’s spiritual evolution because you so enthusiastically and lovingly wanted to assist in this magnificent awakening process, this time when you would remember who you truly and eternally are.  It is, when viewed from the non physical realms, a most exciting era in which to be incarnate in human form as the games you have been playing come to an end and ALL the players are found to be winners.

Continue to spend time within, opening your hearts fully and completely to Love, no matter how badly it seems to you that they have been hurt in the past.  By opening to Love, and by intending to be loving whatever arises in your lives, you add enormous power and intensity to the awakening process.  It is the divine Will – and therefore also Yours – that humanity awakens, and that Will is already achieved.  The veils or cloaks or clouds hiding It from you are disintegrating and dissolving.  Open to the Love within that awaits your acceptance of It and revel in the joy that It brings you.

With so very much love, Saul.                           Original Here

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