Sunday, October 6, 2013

Archangeloi of the ELOHIM on the dissolving of dimensional realities

Channelled October 5, 2013 By Karen Doonan

Greetings beloved ones we are the Archangeloi of the ELOHIM and we come to guide and to continue our support of ALL as you now begin to move in frequency and begin to naturally dissolve the lower dimensional timelines that you previously resonated with. For many of you the dreamtime platform may be especially vivid at this time, the human logical brain trying to understand when you are awake how the “dream” could be so real and so intense and yet still a dream and we guide for you to see past the 3d overlay that is the dream.

The old 3d earth continually teaching that the landscapes walked in the dreamtime are but dreams and are not real. Many of the timelines that are now being illuminated for you can only be processed by your human vehicle within the dream-time landscape for within this landscape the logical mind does not walk. Much is filtered out at human conscious waking mind level that would serve no one so it is introduced where the logical mind cannot walk in order to illuminate for you and for you to work further with it. Do you understand our guidance beloved ones? For you cannot dissolve something that you cannot see. Many of you are recognizing the landscapes at a deep level but then filtering this out and detaching from this at conscious waking mind level, the SOUL working at all times to help you remember in order for you to release and begin the healing process.

Not all your incarnations were human beloved ones and many of you walked in the deepest and darkest of the dimensional timelines that exist in the lower dimensional realities. They can no longer hide within your energy signature for they are no longer within the “band width” of your energy signature and the frequencies that it resonates with. So they seek to trigger in order to lower your frequency, this is not supported under the New Earth paradigms and so they are sought out by your SOUL and illuminated clearly for you to dissolve and to work with.  Take note of all that is referenced to you in your outer waking world at this time beloved ones, for your SOUL is helping at all times the remembering process.

For those who work closely with the higher dimensional timelines as part of their “work” here upon the planet the release of these lower dimensional timeline frequencies will allow the bonds to expand and to deepen. This is now unfolding rapidly across and within the planet earth and is part of the personal disclosure process, for we remind ALL that ALL races/realms exist in ALL dimensional timelines. It is not possible for you to fully align with a race that you have deep distortion around at cellular level. This is something that many are filtering out at human conscious waking mind level but as we have explained is being addressed at SOUL level through the dream-time platforms.

As these distorted dimensional timelines are released then human consciousness will be able to expand and to deepen and with this comes new levels of TRUTH in relation to the creation of the human race. Those who are here to seed human consciousness will begin this work immediately for this work is done via the dream-time platforms and is completed upon awakening once more to the waking conscious human state.

World events will now reflect the increase in frequency of the human race in general. As the energetic signature of the human race elevates then TRUTH will be shown to new levels, all that has been hidden in plain view revealed as the smoke and mirrors put in place no longer work at the higher dimensional frequencies, this will be shown to all over the course of the coming linear weeks in the outer waking reality that is known as the human life experience.

ALL is not as it appears upon planet earth at this time. As you begin to release and to heal then the ripples of this heightened frequency begin to move out across all sections of your human waking life and this will begin to show as miracles at human conscious waking mind level. For the karmic contracts that many have been taught to anchor are no longer valid, the healing and the release will see many walk free from the lower dimensional frequencies that have enslaved them and blinded them on this planet and beyond for aeons.

We are the Archangeloi of the ELOHIM and we walk with you always beloved ones. DREAM and BE for ALL now moves and shifts and begins to come back into balance as the human race begin to remember at deepening and expanding levels. ALL ARE ONE and ALL JUST IS in TRUTH.

(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

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