Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bill Ballard ~ Surf's Up ~ A Major Solar Filament Eruption CME Will Hit Today

Ride 'Em Cowboy!!!   DT the ET

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Hey Hey Beautiful People! WE have a massive CME coming in tomorrow from a Solar Filament that erupted the evening of September 29. This one is HUGE! The data that is incoming is shifting as it gets changed. It does not look like this will affect our satellites or power grid system as the speed of the eruption is so slow... BUT, it is a Photon Event designed especially for us! Along with the planetary alignments currently happening, as well as the drama that is unfolding within humanity, this should get quite interesting!

For those of us who have been doing our clearing, rewiring, and the basics of ascension, this will be another Spiritual Rock Crusher event, or a time where we have an ability to incorporate more LIGHT into our field, expanding our LIGHT BODY into the 5D.... For those who are still in 4D brain/ego, this will be a time where that will be getting crushed up and more chaotic, again.... Ha! We will see what unfolds! It is certainly Divinely orchestrated!

As you guys know my LIGHT BODY is quite visible in these digital videos. In this one, if you set the vid to full screen and tilt your monitor back, you can clearly see the LIGHT levels of intensity my field is emitting. It is like LIGHT being emitted from a star.... Hence my Native American name "Walking Star". Also you can see where those electrical lines of force emanating from my electromagnetic toroidal field from my "activated heart chakra" cause the fence wire to disappear behind me or reshape the wooden boards in the fence behind. I always find that interesting.

Wishing everyone the most wonderful experience as this CME hits these next days! What an opportunity to initiate changes within ourselves!

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