Friday, October 4, 2013

The Great Exhale Of The Creator

Channelled by Sandra Walter On 10-4-13
Perhaps you have felt the Heart center magnetics getting a bit VIVID in the past week. Typically this is associated with Solar activity, as the filament eruption showered us with new frequencies all week long. Besides the usual singing ears, body aches and vibrations, many have moved into the next level of the Ascension process.

The Creator Breath: A Conversation With Higher Self 

SW: Great pulling sensations in the heart center this week. I feel my heart torus pulling inward, from up in my throat and from down in my solar plexus. I noticed my chest and diaphragm muscles are tight as well. I feel such expansion since Equinox, and especially last Thursday with the release from the collective entanglement. Then the inward pull began with the Solar activity. I understand Solar activity hits the cardiovascular system first, however this is pronounced and has a – poetic? – feel to it.

HS: The inward draw felt in the heart center is the echo of the Great Inhale of Creator. As you know, this is something which already occurred. 

SW: Yes. Source draws all of the information back to itself, then exhales a new command into the Universe. (Note: The Blogtalk replay of “How Source Creates a Universe” is in the Ascension Integration archives on youtube.) I understand that Source made the decision to rewrite this Universe. Why is it so physical in the heart center right now?

HS: You are experiencing Source’s decision in the physical, as Creator. Even with the consistent implosion/explosion some are experiencing in the heart center, this passage may be unique. The inbreath is the gathering of all aspects of Self. The retrieval of all information, lessons and experiences has been attained. You, as Creator-in-Carnate, are receiving that sensation because a new level of Ascension will unfold in the following weeks.

The exhale will be felt in the physical of Wayshowers throughout October. You will be able to transcend the old energetic shadows. You will realize the shadows no longer have influence. The new frequencies support that transmutation, which is why Gatekeepers had a release from the collective last week. Many have the proper upgrades in place, so the energy coming in will activate the new structures in the energy fields as well as the physical form.

SW: The clear slate sensation, as if nothing before this moment even existed.

HS: This area of space will amplify the skills of Creator-In-Carnate. Those in service will rewrite themselves in their true image; their unique expression of Source. They will be able to serve in a clearer way, in alignment with the New Light.

SW: I feel some urgency to recreate everything – is this why?

HS: Yes. Gatekeeper roles are changing, missions will change to support the new instead of changing the shadow.

SW: We’re letting the old just fade away, aren’t we.

HS: You will not be energetically supporting it any longer, because your physical structure has been prepared to take in the New Light. The level of these new frequencies will have a profound affect on consciousness, and on the planet. The magnetosphere no longer functions as a shield. The collapse of the Astral planes will allow for physical objects to be affected by the cosmic rays, solar winds and new frequencies. This includes outer space and inner space forms.

SW: It affects meteors as well as the Heart Center.

HS: Also, the sensations of weightlessness may increase as the magnetosphere is disrupted by incoming particles. Gravity creates the sensation of time, which you have felt diminishing as a ruling force in your reality. However it also affects the perception of space.

SW: Hence the expansion we will feel, the exhale of the New?

HS: Yes, the metaphoric exhale will be powerful for many. New levels of freedom, joy, empowerment. There will be a sharpening of your perception of the Higher Realms of consciousness. Those are the flashing, sparkling beings you are interacting with day and night. Interaction is supported by these new frequencies; they allow the mis-match in vibration to become lessened. The veils are not supported any longer; it is the free will of the individual to create the veil between themselves and the external realms.

SW: Zero Point and the New Light ends the veil?

HS: The New photonic frequencies contain Zero Point in a pure state. 

SW: It makes it more difficult to hold the illusion together.

HS: For those who choose to do so, the mirror is still provided – by them and their higher levels. Creator skills will be enhanced, regardless of their awareness of it. Photonic amplifications restore the true Divine HUman, so all which is in alignment with Source will be supported.

SW: When do we experience the outbreath, Is it our individual choice?

HS: Yes, in coordination with your Higher Levels. This is the next phase of the Solar Heart, which opens the structure needed to support the Christed state. It may be challenging as it rewrites the physical form. 

SW: I sense it will be an uncomfortable bliss. Deep sunny breaths, beloveds.

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