Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Higher Self: Harmonic Up-Shifting of the Higher Collective Mind

Channeled By April Bender 3-30-14

I am pleased to share with you that as a preliminary result of the Resolution, Reclamation, and Soul-Retrieval Sequencing Process that the Higher Collective Mind recently initiated, many of the troubled, misaligned/imbalanced nodal points or energetic pathways of connection within the newly infused 5D-7D Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life, have now begun to achieve or are moving into, some degree of right/proper alignment, exchange and/or resolution.

That’s right, the tiring and challenging work performed by you and the many other countless Warriors of Light, of anchoring, integrating, and infusing (or breathing in/out) the equinox portal energies into the Collective Higher Mind, along with your participation thus far in the early stages of the overall Sequencing Process, has allowed some measure of Harmonic Up-Shifting – or an expanded state of convergent movement, flow and magnetization within the 5D-7D Collective Higher Mind, to occur.

Even at this preliminary stage of the Sequencing Process, this has created a more harmonious and expanded state of awareness, connectivity, and receptivity that is now sweeping across the Collective Higher Mind, and therefore within You! This extra, highly-refined energetic oomph! provided, will aid you and the Collective greatly in the ease and further completion of the overall Sequencing Process. Let me briefly explain just how, under each of the 3 Sequencing Acts listed below:

The Resolution/Reconciliation of Any Unresolved Business or Energy

Because a greater sense of resolution is beginning to be found and expressed within previously distressed nodes/connecting pathways of the Higher Collective Mind and within Self, a greater sense of higher clarity, focus, and even movement can now begin to be established within the Collective Web/Mind and within individual perception/experience. In simplest terms, the proverbial dust of the colossal equinox portal infusion is now settling, and you are finally able to clearly see/sense the new, beautifully inviting and lovingly supportive, energetic landscape that you’re now standing in.

In bridging the polarities within you of the initial energetic blast of distressed/opposing nodal energies within the Collective Mind/Web and Self, you in essence reconciled and therefore, upgraded the new firmament in order that it may function at a higher, fuller capacity. And this upgrading or refinement of the new firmament in Self and the Collective, will only continue to happen in larger and larger increments/steps, as you move deeper into the overall Sequencing Process/Experience. That is until the time that the 5D-7D Collective Higher Mind/Web achieves full self-awareness.

There are still more pockets of resistance/distress along the Collective Mind/Web that need to be reconciled, healed and/or transmuted but the initial blast, and most difficult part of such energetic confrontations is now complete. Until that time anyway, when another “full activation/infusion” attempt will be made on the 5D-7D Higher Collective Mind/Web of Life so that it might become fully self-aware.

So continue to seek out any “baggage” you may be still carrying – conflicting beliefs, issues of self-worth, etc..that need to be acknowledged and dealt with, and also be on the lookout for additional dissonant pockets of energy that may be brought/magnetized into your field for transmutation or reconciliation. And remember to stay in your “center” as much as possible throughout your day, though it should be somewhat easier for you to do so now, with the wonderful new space or energetics you now find yourself in. As you are feeling oh so light again and it’s as if you can see for miles and miles now in the clear blue distance. Enjoy this space, utilize it, as before you know it, it will be time to rise/move yet again.

The Soul Retrieval and Integration of all Past, Present, and Future Soul/Star Family Lineages

This has been by far the most intriguing of all Acts for you so far, hasn’t it? As more light and therefore, higher information begins to flow within/throughout Self, along with the larger Higher Collective Mind, you are beginning to experience a conscious connection to more and more Soul/Star family members (both incarnated and not) and/or multi-dimensional aspects of Self. This has been very exciting and gratifying for you, as it should be. This experience of Soul/Star family members reaching out more and more to each other, making themselves known, and rediscovering/rekindling their connection with/to one another will only continue to deepen and blossom in the coming days ahead.

For Lightworker will turn to Lightworker, whether in person or on an energetic level, and a recognition will dawn upon their countenance, within their Being, that they have traveled, schooled, and/or interacted together before, many, many times. Granted this has already happened to you in the past with a small number of individuals, but now a “mass recognition,” in a manner of speaking, is about to take place. As not only specific Soul/Star family lineages will be remembered/re-established, but also their close cross-connections/affiliations to other Soul/Star family lineages. So be open and aware of the possibility of such recognition as you go about your day to day affairs, communications, and relational forms of communion. For these connections can literally make themselves known to you at any time and from a variety of sources/directions – both energetically (inner or telepathic communication) and in person.

I also want to mention that as part of both the Soul Retrieval and Resolution Acts, you may notice old family members and friends that perhaps you haven’t been in touch with for awhile, popping back into your reality. In some cases, it will be because there is unfinished business to tend to and in others, it’s because they are giving you important clues about either Soul/Star family and/or Self identity. In any event, don’t blow these occasions to reconnect off. They are not the same old people any more than you are at this point so it’s worth listening to whatever lessons/information they might be trying to bring you. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll become best friends or that you’ll even hang out again – but there is something to gain (some level of reconciliation and/or clues about Self) that makes it worth your effort, otherwise the impetus to connect simply would not exist in the first place.

The recent movement of these 2 Acts leads us naturally into the current expression of the 3rd.

The Reclamation of Individual Soul and therefore, “Collective Soul” Divine Birthrights such as Self-Sovereignty, Health/Wholeness of Experience, Unconditional Love, Freedom, Communion/Co-Creation

As a result of this new expansive space, or level of cohesive vibration being experienced by Self and the Collective, new experiences and opportunities will be headed your way. For the more you reclaim your Divine Center, your personal seat/throne of Divine Empowerment, tempered with Self-love, compassion and care, the more your current reality will “shift” to accommodate and even call for, your newly acquired or “remembered” potentials and/or capacities.

This may manifest as opportunities to do, learn about, or integrate things you may have previously not been interested in or considered seriously – or as opportunities to utilize your skills, gifts, and passions in ways you had not even considered. This could also manifest as an opportunity to co-create something new by coming together with others, as many souls will be involved with experimenting at the collective co-creative level in order to seed the foundations of society’s next level of expression (5D).

Whatever the opportunity, it is likely to take the form of or have the feel of an old opportunity or opening that you turned down once before, at least at first. The reason being you were not empowered and/or centered enough back then to take that plunge. Thinking yourself perhaps unskilled or unnecessary to that area or endeavor. Therefore, you may be asked to complete an old “test” before moving on to more “fresh” terrain.

Although, an “old” opportunity could morph into something entirely different looking, seemingly overnight. It really just depends upon your perspective at the time and the level in which you embrace or resist said opportunity. In any event, it will be important for you to remain open and on the lookout for such opportunities in general – as now truly is the time for you to step into and realize ALL THAT YOU ARE and BRING to the Collective, in the most AUTHENTIC way possible.

However, it is important to note that with the beginning of this Reclamation Act, especially on a collective level, another lesson is noted and warranted. And that is the lesson of boundaries. The knowing of when something is yours to do and when something should be delegated or given to another. It is the humble knowing of the extent of your own capabilities/gifts in any given moment with those of another. It is about learning to exist in harmony with each other – that no single soul has all the answers or tools – and knowing when you’ve exhausted your own toolkit or when it’s simply time for another to take over. It is about imbuing or empowering All with freedom of expression, movement, and co-creative contribution or Service. To be self-sovereign souls sharing a unified experience thereby necessitates an experience or agreement of shared leadership by these same self-sovereigns. It should be one of mutual respect, support and exchange.

Overall, there are many new experiences making their way into your reality though at first they may appear as or “wear the skin of,” the old. Don’t take that for granted, and instead assume that there has been a “new” component added to the mix. In most cases, this new addition or ingredient is a new, fuller, more Divinely empowered and vibrant aspect of Self. Which is really, in a nutshell, what the Reclamation Act is all about.


In conclusion, you’re doing a superb job! There is much for you to be excited about and to look forward to. And if you don’t want to take my word for it, just allow yourself to feel into the beautiful new energies or space that you’re ALL standing in and have co-created together.

Now that the dust has settled, you can begin to feel acutely Gaia, and all those Warriors of Light now connected to you through the 5D-7D Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life. Feel how you all now begin to rise in unison, with one great Voice/Vibration, calling forth that which is your Divine Birthright or Natural State of Existence, so long denied to you. And as that collective Voice grows louder, it literally vibrates apart or further collapses the “bindings” or “systems” that held you in place, under thumb and in distortion, limitation and separation.

For now you shall rise, the Collective shall rise and this Great Restoration shall “light up” the Collective Higher Mind with the brilliance of a 1,000 suns!! Be assured that soon, very soon, Earth WILL shine radiant and sovereign once more! Simply keep up all your good work in “centering” and “full breath cycling” during the remainder of the Sequencing Process. And be sure you take some time to celebrate just how far you’ve truly come.

Until next time…

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