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Universal Purification

Emmanuel Dagher: April 2014 Energy Forecast

Hi My Friend,  I am so grateful to share in this way with you today.

A brief point of global stillness occurred in the days that followed the March 20 equinox, which gave us the opportunity to breathe and recharge, in preparation for the hyper-energetic activity the month of April is bringing our way.

The exciting celestial developments during the month of April will create a perfect environment for quantum spiritual expansion to manifest —in our individual lives, and in the collective consciousness.

Some of these celestial occurrences include the lunar eclipse on April 14 and the solar eclipse on April 28. These two alignments alone are motivating rapid change to occur in our consciousness.

A big component of this change will be a profound purification of our mind, body and emotions. This purification will most definitely leave us feeling quite different at the end of the month from how we felt at the beginning of it. 

During April, we will also be moving through another celestial alignment known as the Cardinal Grand Cross. This occurs when certain planets align to create a cross-like configuration that often inspires great change to occur.

With all the activity in the heavens right now, the opportunity for great personal and global transformation is amplified many times over.

The Wave of Purification 

With April’s powerful combination of the celestial developments and the intentions of oneness that our Higher Selves have jointly called forth, a universal purification is fully under way.

The chance to observe first-hand what many of my clients are experiencing in their lives each month is a sacred blessing to me, and one that I honor and pay close attention to.

Often I will notice that the same theme will come up for my clients all around the world (and for me as well). This shows me that what’s happening on a micro level is probably also what’s happening at the macro level. This is when I start receiving inner guidance to put it all together in a simplified way that can be easily understood.

The theme that keeps coming up right now for many of us, is the theme of lack.

When an undesired feeling or vibration such as lack shows up on the surface of our lives, it’s important to not suppress what we are experiencing, but to look closely at it. That way, whatever is going on can be addressed, resolved and purified.

Releasing the Belief in Lack

To begin releasing the lack mentality, we must first understand what lack really is, and where it actually stems from.

In the dictionary, lack is defined as a 1. (Noun) a deficiency or absence of something needed. 2. (Verb) To be without or deficient in.

Through personal experience, I have come to define lack as the side effect of forgetting who we really are. 

The idea of lack comes from the mind choosing, on some level, the path of separation from one’s Source nature, which is the Spirit. Lack ultimately serves as a “placeholder” the mind has created, as a way of keeping itself feeling comfortable and safe.

Belief in lack was created by the mind and ego during primeval times, as a kind of survival mechanism.

Knowing this, we can understand that when the mind does buy into the illusion of the lack mentality, it IS actually serving a purpose. On some level, it thinks it’s keeping the mind safe by warning us that we must work hard to survive.

However, the Spirit will only allow the mind to run the show for a certain amount of time before it steps in. When the Spirit intervenes, the idea of lack starts to feel so uncomfortable to us, that the mind can no longer convince itself that it needs a belief in lack for protection.

The mind is then ready to remember the truth of our nature as abundant Spiritual Beings who have never lacked anything in any way—ever.

So, if we are someone who is feeling the energy of lack making its presence strongly known in our life, let’s be willing to make peace with it. Let’s also be willing to understand that whatever feeling lack is triggering within us, is simply a confirmation that we are ready to release it.

In addition to many of the spiritual tools and processes many of us know, such as gratitude, meditation, being of service, affirmation, etc., I would like to share a few simple, outside-the-box things we can do to help ensure a smoother purification experience, especially when it comes to releasing a lack mentality.

          Assuring a Smooth Purification Experience: Salt Remedies
As many of us know all too well, moving through a period of purification in our lives can feel a bit challenging.
Here are some simple yet effective things we can do to help the experience be smoother and more enjoyable.

An ancient remedy that has helped many experience smoother purification process is to soak in high quality, high mineral content salt for 20 to 30 minutes, 2 to 4 times per week.

Some of the best salts to use are Himalayan pink crystal salt or Dead Sea salt. Simply add 1 to 2 cups of salt into a lukewarm to warm tub, and enjoy.

If you do not have the option of taking baths, simply add 1 teaspoon of salt to a cup of spring water in a spray bottle and shake well. Then spray the salted water all over your physical and auric bodies. The salt will instantly remove any unhealthy energetic chords, hooks, attachments, bonds and connections between you and other people, places and things. 

This is a very powerful remedy! If you are someone who is having a hard time letting go of unhealthy relationships, salt therapy will certainly help you.

If you prefer, you can also soak a Selenite crystal in a glass of water for 24 hours, then spray yourself with the water. This will have a similar effect to the mineral salt therapy. 

After working with this method for a few weeks, you will start to notice yourself flowing through life a bit more smoothly. An extra bonus is that you will probably also feel more energetic. 

Most unhealthy energy chords, hooks and attachments are formed in the solar plexus, the area of the body just above the belly. When we purify these energies, we make room for beautiful new abundant energies to take their place. 

This will help us transition out of the lack mentality more quickly, as the emotional body starts to become more balanced, no longer feeling like it’s lacking in any way.

Eating Light, Eating Greens

Another thing we can do to help make the purification process easier is to eat light at least one day out of the week.

On this day, it’s important to eat food that is alive and full of nutrients. Things like dark leafy green vegetables and other foods have low or no sugars, starches or dairy. These foods allow the body to rest and recharge.

During the rest of the week, it’s important to make sure we are at least adding more dark leafy green vegetables into our diet. This will support the body in purifying itself more smoothly. 

Taking in More Sunlight
Getting about 5 to 10 minutes of sun, away from the peak hours, will also serve as a great purifier. If you live in a place that doesn’t receive much sunlight, make sure you are eating foods that will provide you with an adequate amount of vitamin D. This is a very important part of helping ourselves to purify more gently.  With just these few little additions, we can be more fully prepared for these times of great change. We will also feel supported in releasing any fear about these times. We will be able to embrace them, because we know about the powerful expansion taking place.
We are living in the times our ancient ancestors talked about for thousands of years! It’s happening all around us here and now.
So let’s take good care and be gentle with ourselves as we move through it all. As with anything new, it takes time to integrate all the changes going on within and all around us.
In all of this, know that you are not alone. I am grateful for the opportunity to share this journey with you.



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