Friday, January 15, 2016

Albert Einstein: The Patterning of The Universe, Part 2

Here are a few seminal quotes from Uncle Albert made during an Inlight Radio show hosted by Suzanne Maresca and assisted by Linda Dillon channelling.  Much pertinent info here, from  an over-qualified ascension coach, about the planetary co-creative process we are now propagating. Git sum!

Heavenly Blessings Interview With Albert Einstein

"When you exhale, you are bringing into form, consciously and unconsciously. And when I speak of the collective of humanity not merely preparing to exhale, but commencing to exhale, unified – not in the illusion of separation, of false uniqueness, but in the unity of concerted knowing and wisdom and Love – you are taking these very molecules in your own expression and bringing them into what you think of as materiality, whether it is a concrete building, a revised social structure, a new family paradigm, the anchoring of Peace on Earth.

And what occurs in this process of 7 billion of you exhaling together is the creation of the Mother’s pattern. It is the creation, the restoration, the resurrection and the brand new existence of aplanet of Love."
"Suzie: Okay. It’s very difficult. It’s more expensive to eat organic and certainly we do our very best, but there are times when we are going to eat that stuff [GMO]. Can we use the breath to mitigate the effects?

But you, when you are working with your sacred breath… and when I say ‘sacred’ I mean also your conscious breath… when you are blowing out to the entire planet, then send the breath to these genetically modified substances and have them be restored to the fullness of who and what they are, because their core is also Divine Pattern.

So it has been modified, the same way as a Hitler or a Genghis Khan was somewhat modified, the food is being modified. But when you breathe into it and you say, “Restore the original Plan,” then what you are doing is exactly that. You are restoring the true, Divine Pattern, the Divinity of what it truly is."

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