Thursday, January 14, 2016

As We Shift - Feel The Wind Beneath Our Wings

By Sophia Love On 1-13-16

As we enter the second ½ of January, 2016, there is still Evidence of Ego in our Efforts. 

What shows up again and again – is us.  We cannot escape ourselves or leave ourselves behind.

We are the ones shifting, the ones asking, the ones wondering: if, when, why and how.  We are wasting our most valuable asset.  No, it’s not time, its emotion; the wind beneath our wings.

As we plan, we waste it.  As we remember, it drifts away.  Emotion is now.  It is here.  It is not felt yesterday or tomorrow.  It is useful only in this moment.

This is a reference to power, and how to maintain it.  It is held only as a genuine eruption of force and emerges with authenticity.  Emotion is the fuel.  Emotions are the logs in our creative fire.

What distracts us from our power is arrogance.  It is self-importance.  It is preoccupation.  Yet we are light workers.  We are here to bring the light.

There lies the rub.  It’s the label.  Our trap sits in our self-definition.  We are One.  All of us equal.  Each of us parts of the whole.

A necessary part, you’ve come to shift us all.  You can only do this if you leave your ego at the door. This massive shift requires all of you – focused.

See only what it is you desire – then let it go.  Time spent recalling who you were or what you did or will do is time wasted.  See it, feel it, release it.

We ask for apologies and promises, without understanding their power to distract us.  They bind us to useless emotion.  We want names and dates without realizing the names are ours and the dates self-chosen.

We cannot ever know what another is capable of.  So how about we let go of predictions for millions of unsuspecting, needy humans when disclosure happens? Humanity has re-made itself too many times to count.  WE ARE STILL STANDING.  I suspect each of us is in precisely the right place, right now.  Disclosure is happening, the financial system is dismantling and the sun’s activity is off the charts.

 Everyone is poised for change.  The shift is upon us.

We can suppose and wonder and ask, but we are not here to do that.  We are here to shift – individually and collectively.

You’ll know just what to do, and you’ll need all of your emotional fuel handy to pull it off.

Your job in this is not the same as mine.  Trust yourself.  As you step into your power there will be an expansion.  It begins within and supplies you with confidence.  Feel that and know it is meant for this moment.  Regardless of name or date or plan or memory – your point of power is in the present, for this singular focus – to be utilized right now.

You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

With so much love,
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