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The Real Disclosure Of The Rx-Files


xfiles“Alien technology being used against us. Not by aliens. Not with aliens. But by a venal conspiracy of men against humanity.” 28:00

“This is not an alien conspiracy. This is a conspiracy of men.” 30:29

“Elaborately-staged abductions [are taking place] in craft using alien technology recovered from downed saucers.” 33:20

Wow. Holy mackerel. What can I say? [Please remember that the author is Canadian...]

To switch into Steven Greer’s language for a moment, exposure of the fact that it wasn’t “alien Greys” who abducted all us humans but terrestrial actors working for the contractors and military of the secret space program dressed as aliens? Oh, yes, and bio-engineered robots running around in the background, looking like a grey army? Oh, my, what is being said here?

Well, it isn’t just disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence. That’s perhaps 30% of what’s being said here. And that 30% almost everyone who watches the X-Files already knows.

It’s not that. It’s an action that paves the way for a peaceful disclosure such as no other action can, does, or could that I can think of.

The X-Files states the truth about the event that terrifies terrestrials the most: Abductions. The X-Files fully faces into the fact that the abductions that we hear so much about were not carried out by extraterrestrials, but by humans – our militaries, their contractors, and our governments.

That is easily 70% of its value. But no value could possibly be placed on its service in correcting what has to be the most impactful piece of disinformation, the most significant lie ever perpetrated on humans: That galactics do abduct or have abducted our people.

The X-files was probably drawing on Dr. Steven Greer’s material. Greer states that the abductions were staged by humans actors and bioengineered robots, not by any extraterrestrial species.

If the X-Files were a prescription, then Episode 1 would be the antidote for the toxic Independence Day and other alien/predator movies.

Thanks to Adelle for hooking me up with Episode 1 of the X-Files. Finally:

If Steven Greer was not the main source for what is said here, I’d be very much surprised. I offer you one more chance to get the full skinny from him before something amazing hits and you run out of time. Even if it doesn’t hit, you have to admit that the pace is quickening.

Another chance to watch Steven. First two hours are the best. But you won’t be able to stop.
[This video is available on]
Viewed from a more general perspective, the X-Files have systematically given about as much of an overview of what’s happening in America and the world as I think most people could take in, in 43 minutes of programming.

The alien conspiracy, the 9/11 false flag, the existence of the secret space fleet, murder by military, FEMA camps, martial law, weather warfare, the dumbing down of America – what else can we insert into a one-hour program and have people still retain it?
Steven or someone else has said that the galactics have given the cabal a very short time to disclose or they will do it themselves.

I believe this is called “controlled disclosure.” The dark gets to have a say in what’s disclosed as a carrot to have them stand down. Later the full truth gets revealed. But by then they’re outta here.

The CIA has released photos of UFOs over Britain and Fox has released this first episode of the revived X-Files which is dynamite. Is this a sign of capitulation?

I can’t conceive of how there could be any cabal recovery from what the X-Files will engender, what it will lead to. Hollywood TV programs are notoriously copycat. Will Star Trek now land on the White House lawn and disclose to the people that galactics really do exist?

Someone just put a good example in the hopper, rather than a bad, violent, horrific, disgusting one.  Might this trend of copycat Hollywood be reversed as well?

Never mind just being out there, the truth may end up becoming fashionable. In Hollywood, New York and … maybe even Washington.

I watched Steven Greer and the X-Files only days apart. I could be jumping up and down right now, with excitement, relief, etc. at what I’ve seen. The two taken together caused a critical mass over here. I could just explode if I wanted to. Tick. Tick. Tick.

But that wouldn’t address the point. The point is for us lightworkers to use the momentum and occasion created by the X-Files’ disclosure to calmly and reasonably discuss the true facts of disclosure with whomever asks us. It would be a contribution if we’d bear witness to disclosure to whatever extent is comfortable to us and timely.

Every lightworker will make their contribution in their own way. We’ve all agreed prior to birth about what form that contribution will take.  I know I’ve agreed to be a writer.

But one thing we have in common, the only thing we commonly do, is we communicate.  To each other and to others. We watch, listen, and speak.  Above and beyond whatever else we may do – sing, dance, heal, pilot an airplane, teach quantum physics.

For many of us who read blogs like this one, our contribution might lie in disseminating the facts we’ve been reading for years in galactic channeled messages. We don’t have to say where we got the information. Just share it as something we’ve read somewhere.

If you need a suggestion, then: Start a website that offers pictures of galactics. Gather together stories and articles on them. Host the best photos of spaceships. Host channeled messages. Provide links to sites that discuss related themes.

You don’t have to use your own name. For years I posted under pseudonyms.

Other lightworkers have agreed in their soul contracts to make TV shows. Some have agreed to serve as whistleblowers and get top-secret information out to the public. Some have consented to analyze what’s said in the controlled news. Some will write and perform pop songs, poetry, dance. All are communicating.

Notice how all fronts are moving synchronistically: Numerous arrests and firings, disclosure of the galactic presence, unveiling of various prosperity programs (the Reval, historic bonds, prosperity programs proper, project funding), rumors of new governance.

I see this as a global explosion of love that contains both a staunch refusal to harm any longer (out of the divine quality of love called courage) and an embracing of a universal “yes” to freedom and equality, safety and peace, harmony and prosperity (out of the divine quality of love called compassion). I consider courage and compassion to be what are needed right now. (1)

The truth is really out there, in all respects. Mulder and Scully are really out there. Steven Greer is really out there. It’s time for those of us who can afford the risk (not parents, not people in sensitive jobs or positions, not others who have a reason not to be active here) to be really out there.

Disclosure and everything else will happen without us contributing. But contribution holds out for us the possibility of tremendous growth and it provides a valuable service and inspiring example to our community, our nation, and our planet.

I nearly said “humanity” but that word no longer means what it did a generation ago. It now means life forms from many galaxies who wear this Adam-Kadmon body. So then: Your contribution now might be a tremendous inspiration to humanity, in whatever galaxy we find it. No better time will come.


(1) Everything on this Site (See Library/Archive) is re-postable without need for prior permission. There are books on the Download Page. Make whatever use of them you like. No copyright applies. (Even to the few that an editor put a copyright sign on. Sorry, Steve)

A whole database exists on these topics, called First Contact, at Please use all the research available there, again without need for attribution or permissions. Just get the word out. Or the picture that’s worth a thousand of them.  Now’s the time.

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