Monday, January 11, 2016

The Spectrum of Visible Light

 From our correspondent on the front lines of every-day hyper-reality in the Garden State...close encounters of the retail kind.
 Git Sum...

lightbody2I was in the Post Office yesterday, all finished up with my business and putting things away when a man walked past me, clearly having difficulty moving his cart full of mail.

I asked if he needed help and he declined while a postal worker opened a door to take the cart from him.

He then looked right at me and he said, “You’re spiritual.”

Okay, I suppose we’re all spiritual, and anyone offering a kindness is perhaps more visibly so…but there’s more to it.

A thirty-minute conversation followed in which I learned that my new friend was a Reiki Master recovering from a broken neck.

He had spent six months immobile and unable to feel, basically paralyzed. As difficult as it was for him to do so, he was indeed walking on his own now, and he was immensely grateful for it.

The man was grateful as well for the pain he felt, because for six months he could feel nothing, and all that time he was praying for pain.

Imagine that? What a shift in perspective!

Anyway, another remarkable thing is that he was seeing me. I may not get out much but that never really happens with strangers…that I’m aware of, anyway.

From the post office I went to the grocery store to return something that I hadn’t read the label on. I stepped up to the counter and the woman in front of me literally spun around and gave me a look that I haven’t figured out yet…but it was one bordering on astonishment.

Maybe my hair is a little wild or something but I never got a look like that before. After my earlier experience and conversation at the Post Office though, I started wondering if people could see me glowing…because that’s how I literally feel!

Then I remembered something the Arcturians said through Sue Lie about how we would appear, even becoming invisible to some, and that it’s all about frequency.

This is all feeling pretty magical to me, and I know we really have stepped over the threshold now.
I think it’s time for us to start sharing our weird stories and freaky visions. It’s safe now. The more I open to be real with everyone I encounter, the greater my capacity to do so, and the larger my Love Bubble grows.

Linda Dillon and I just recorded our first Heavenly Blessings show in almost two months, and our amazing guest was Albert Einstein. It was a pretty nifty show, and kind of interesting in that I was nervous about it.

I mean, it’s Albert Einstein! No problem at all talking to Masters and Archangels but hey, this man is really smart! I have to laugh at myself.

Why I bring up this show in particular is that the matter of frequency was discussed. Our perceptions of what’s all around us right now are opening up like wild, and it’s because of the increasing frequencies saturating our planet that it’s happening.

AE spoke of the patterning of the Universe being a reflection of the patterning of The Divine Mother. We discussed the details of conscious breathing, genetic alterations and the restoration of original design in both food and Humans, the connection between frequency and perception and finally, a little about sexuality.

It was a good show, and we’ll air it on Tuesday at noon E.T. ~

I haven’t written much about my own weird experiences and new understandings in part because it’s difficult for me to know what’s interesting to others sometimes.

Wonderful Light packets of information come streaming in and as they do, we momentarily appreciate the profound nature of what’s being given. I say momentarily because it isn’t long before the information is integrated and starts to feel completely normal.

I forget that I didn’t know it a little while ago, which is also an illusion. The reason it sits in our bones perfectly so quickly is because it’s being re-membered.  As my dear friend DT the ET says, “This ain’t our first rodeo!”

So I get that it’s time to share more, maybe for all of us, and that there’s no telling what might be meaningful for others to read or hear about.

In this way we weave ourselves into a beautiful tapestry of stories and energy, experience and love.

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