Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The ‘Team’: Member of the Transformation Team

Channelled Via Peggy Black On 1-18-16

We are here offering you acknowledgement as well as continued encouragement for your physical adventure.

We understand that you have begun another solar cycle; you mark this as a year. It is honored with great celebration and the opportunity to feel complete with the so to speak past and begin anew. This agreed upon limit of time is honored by all earthwalkers; it is a part of your framework. It is a part of the 3D reality that you are beginning to leave behind.

The ascension process is an awareness of time as fluid. So we invite you to begin to consider that each moment is actually a new beginning, a new cycle which can be infused with a new pattern.
We realize we are inviting you to make a big leap, so we will expand it just a little which will allow you to move into the reality of NOW more easily.

Let us invite you to consider that each morning, upon arising, is your new beginning. Therefore you can engage a mental and emotional process in which you can call forth the reality for the day’s events as you might like them to unfold.

Consider that you are truly a creator, and in the other dimensions, thoughts are manifested instantly, since there is no denseness or limitation of time. So each morning practice this skill just a little, focus and envision how you would design the day’s events. Use a broad paintbrush so to speak. Imagine you have a brush that paints with vibrations and frequencies, your canvas is the quantum field, the energy field in which you live and move about.

Be bold, be imaginative, imprint the new day, the new possibilities as if you could really bring it about. If necessary in the beginning, we invite you to pretend that what you think and feel becomes the new pattern, the new unfolding or the new dream. Trust us when we say you will become a skilled painter of your reality the more you practice this simple exercise.

So quietly in your morning, use bold strokes, more of a feeling nature. How do you want to feel during your day’s activity, how do you want to respond to others. Imagine yourself feeling strong, and peaceful, accomplished and productive. These vibrations are the background and the framework for your day’s masterpiece.

Now you can begin to refine your day’s painting by adding more and more detail to the events, the happenings, the meetings, the assignments and how they unfold in such clear synchronicity.
This is one of the most powerful games you can play with time. Each segment of time holds the incredible opportunity for something new, a new pattern, a new response, a new understanding, an expansion of your multidimensional self. It is up to you to open the door to the possibilities.

Make an agreement with yourself that you will reset your emotional/thought vibrations each hour, more often if you feel it necessary. Keep adding to your bigger vision and painting of the day, understanding that each fragment of time holds the possibility to transform the moment. It is within your power and your understanding of who you truly are. Remember that every moment is a new beginning.

From our observation humans repeat the same thoughts repeatedly and get the same results. This is not done just once a day, it is done all day, every day. Habits of certain limiting thoughts and expressions of emotional vibrations continue to be repeated. Then these repeated results are shared with others and everyone nods their heads in understanding. That’s life.

Well we are here to remind you that is not how it has to be. You have forgotten that you are a true creator, the artist who is painting your life with all the possibilities and experiences. You are a magician, creating out of thin air. There is a word that is often used to express this kind of magic. It is from Aramaic, “Abracadabra” which translate into “I create as I speak.”

Ask yourself if you are using your creative ability upside down and backwards. Look at your reality, look at the reality occurring on your earth. You can observe that there is great discord, and chaos. These events polarize everyone. There are those who willingly connect to the discordant vibrations that are being offered by the collective and become a part of that frequency; there are those who oppose and push against the frequency who also become a part of that frequency of chaos. It feels like a no-win situation.

There is discord and hostility that has been occurring for thousands of years. Imagine for a moment the strength of this energy field. This field of chaos, this frequency of discord can easily inflame and activate someone who is sensitive and empathic. This continues to fuel that reality. This is what you are observing. This is what is being played out in this hologame.

Remember you are here at this time to shift this pattern. You are not alone. We can assure you that there are many awake, aware, multidimensional beings doing powerful, positive work toward a world that is life sustaining. We acknowledge that if you are reading these words you are a part of these cosmic masters of transformation.

This is a dense dimension, a dense reality and it is unfortunate that your sensitive, empathic and telepathic natures allow you to match what is being offered by the collective. Often you drop into the frequency of despair, discouragement or fear, or perhaps it is rage and anger.

So we continue to remind you of your magnificence. We continue to remind you that you are an honored member of the transformation team, here to lift this planet’s frequency. You have the power and you have the ability. Your state of mind and your state of emotions create your reality.

When you hear news that is inflammatory, horrific, terrifying or shocking, quickly infuse the event or the action with energy of love, forgiveness, healing or the frequency of the Violet Flame. Immediately upon your next breath, call upon the company of divine beings of light. Invite their healing frequency into this dimension, this event, to sooth and uplift what is occurring.

You have the power to make a difference by your physical presence in the dimension. You become the doorway for non-physical divine beings of love and light to enter this freewill domain. You are the creator, the artist, the one who manifest what becomes, moment to moment, hour by hour, new day to new day. Speak and call forth a new reality. Anchor and partner with Divine Source to secure the transformation and ascension of this beloved planet and all other earthwalkers.

We embrace you with our love and continued support. We embrace you with our gratitude for the service that you offer to the galactic family. You are seen and appreciated. the ‘team’

 ©2016 Peggy Black All Right Reserved. Original source link, www.morningmessage
“The ‘Team’: Member of the Transformation Team,” channeled by Peggy Black, January 18, 2016, received via email.

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