Monday, January 18, 2016

GaiaPortal: Hellenics Awaken To The New Light

Channelled By ÉirePort On 1-18-16

Hellenics awaken to the New Light.

Standards of Energetic senses are transcended.

Features of Nova Gaia protrude.

Elicitations are presented to Hue-Being Gate-Keepers.

DT's Comentary:  My take on awakening 'Hellenics'

"The Atlanteans attacked and claimed the surface realm for themselves. This eventually led to a simmering conflict, which boiled over some 13 millennia ago. The Atlantean attack on ancient Ionia [their southern European colony] backfired and caused the ancient gas chambers that held up the land to explode. Atlantis sank beneath the sea. What was left after a grand migration by the Atlanteans to another star system was your limited-conscious ancestors and the Atlantean's successors, the Anunnaki.    
 (Excerpted from Sheldan Nidle's Update for May 6, 2014

Well, that being said, my understanding is that those souls responsible for defeating the old Atlantean push for hegemony are currently incarnate and are here to get it right this time!

The Atlantean colony of Ionia, centered in Greece, was the refuge for the most brilliant Atlantean scientists and metaphysicians who were forced into exile by the steadily darkening politics of the Sons Of Belial (Draconians) who had hijacked the Power Grids and High Temples of  5D Atlantis.

Ionian scientists (I believe these to be the Hellenics referred to by GaiaPortal) are re-incarnated NOW to finish the job they started 13,000 yrs ago - to take down the Cabal once and for all.

The Dark Atlantean souls who crashed the planetary power grid trying to dominate the Ionians (and everyone else) are also re-incarnated at this time attempting to flesh-out their dark agenda once again (think Fourth Reich…) They have failed and I believe that the 'awakening Hellenics' are going to speed their demise.

BTW: Those dark Atlantean scientists who have gone over to the light (a la Nicola Tesla) are now tasked with turning off the run-away artificial planetary merkaba they constructed, off the coast of Cuba, to hijack the entire planet from the Light.  This monster is multi-dimensional and running amok causing the anomalies of the Bermuda Triangle and weakening Gaia's life-force grids.

The Folks-in-the-Rafters tell me that only those who constructed it can de-commission it and that needs to happen very soon for the ascension to proceed as per The Mother's Plan, and nobody gets to argue with Momma 'bout this…

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