Thursday, January 7, 2016

Solara’s Surf Report 2016 - Reweaving Our Reality

Channelled By Solara-An-Ra On 1-1-16

2015 was a major transitional year of massive change which expanded our perceptions, honed our discernment and dismantled our old belief systems, while strengthening our ability to stay True in the midst of numerous challenges and shocking events. All of this helped us to shift worlds on many levels.

As we shifted worlds, a mass migration started taking place all over the world. Hoards of homeless refugees desperately sought refuge. Much of our SHIFTING OF WORLDS took place within our awareness as increasing numbers of people abandoned the sinking ship of duality and began to move into the New Reality.

Throughout the year, we discovered that most of our previous resistance to change had dissolved. Many of us felt like caterflys or butterpillars, neither caterpillar nor butterfly, but some place in between. We were neither tethered in duality nor were we fully anchored in the New Reality. This gave us the feeling that we were neither Here nor There, but somewhere in between and still needed to take decisive action to fully emerge.

2015 also brought us our first immersions into the exquisite new energies of E Mao Mao from Beyond the Beyond. When E Mao Mao was felt, these fresh energies infused us with inspiration, excitement and newness, as we could tangibly see and feel the New World being born all around us.

The Year of Decision

2016 is a powerful Year of Decision. Many of us will make life changing decisions to finally step out of duality and start fully living True Lives as True Ones. These decisions will be much easier to make than before because we will either be supported to or forced into making these decisions. Any decisions that we try to avoid will only get harder to make in the future.

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