Sunday, January 3, 2016

Jesus: Agents of Extraodinary Change

This latest from JC rings true for me and quite loudly at that.  We are the 'EVENT' we've been waiting for...Pogo was right!



I’ve just gotten off Linda Dillon’s Saturday Conference Call and I’m still “altered.” I think that’s the proper word for it.

This was the first time I’d heard Linda channel since her surgery and it was a blockbuster.  That outcome was probably as unexpected by Linda as it was by us, given her need for convalescence.

I’ve never heard Jesus talk in such a “commanding” way – commanding attention, that is, not by force or compulsion, but by the nobility of his expression.

He called 2016 a “year of extraordinary change.”  He congratulated us and continued:

“Bravehearts, sweet annas (angels), wayshowers, pathfinders, …  you have done stalwart work.  …
“You have integrated all the downloads that have been sent to thee. You have welcomed the shift, the change, and the deepest level of integration. And now you are ready.

“Hold onto your hats. … And unfurl your wings. … You have challenged and cleared most of your core issues, enough that you have the essence of clarity needed to proceed. And proceed we do.”

Ready for what? Proceed with what?

“You are being activated at the deepest and the highest integration of love and will. And the expression of that divine union is action. …

“The work that you have done brings you to this place where, by an act of loving will, you are prepared to move forth right now in action.

“Now you move boldly, freely, in awe and excitement into the creation and co-creation of Nova Earth from the place of Nova Being and loving will or willing love.  …

“Nothing can stop you now. It is not a matter of more activations, … more tsunami. Is the collective still being penetrated? Yes? But you, beloved ones, are the agents of extraordinary change. You are the agents and angels of regridding, repatterning, and of pulling, pushing, gentling, with every ounce of your being, seen and unseen, bringing the collective and all of Gaia into integrated reality, into New Time.

“It means, in practical terms, a world that you have not even glimpsed. You have dreamt of the New Tomorrow and you have believed it to be fabulous … but you were not even close.
“And it is not ten years hence or a hundred years hence. It is right now.”

What are we to do?

“I’m not asking you to jump the Grand Canyon, although you will. I’m not asking you to get on a soap box and go in front of the White House, although you might.

“What I’m asking you [to do] is to walk with me, us, on Earth with your star family, with the masters, with me in form now.  … Your heart, your soul has always said yes.

“Expect the unexpected. Revel in the unexpected.

“Ascension is at hand. And so I ask all of you to take each other’s hand, to take my hand, to take the hand of St. Germaine, Sanat Kumara, the Mother, for we proceed together at this moment, this bridge of right now, together, in willing love, in loving will, and in determined, focused action.”

What is required in all this? “What is required…? Simple acceptance.”  He said that “the Mother’s Creation is constant and infinite. Therefore change is constant and infinite.” That puts a premium on us remaining open.

He explained a deep mystery: The way in which the Father empowers the Mother to create the worlds. But then he added that this was ordinary knowledge compared to what we’d be learning in the times ahead.
“That is ordinary [knowledge], which is really far from ordinary. But I use this term ‘extraordinary’ to connote quantum leaps, change of such a magnitude that you can hardly believe that yesterday was yesterday and today is today.”


He described the Ascension space as Ecstasy. I think I was given a preview of it between Oct. 3 and Dec. 6, 2015 so I could write about what it was like.  The space I was in towards the end of my excursion was definitely Ecstasy and I needed nothing else but that to feel totally complete.

We’re the people still reading the messages and listening to the channelings, the people who are ready to step forward into the events about to unfold.  I think that the people who are still here are the ones who will be relied on, drawn from, call it what you will.

If you watched Tomorrowland, you’ll remember the final scene where Frank Walker gives his charge to the new recruiters, who’ll find the people who can, in the movie’s context, “fix the world.”  We as financial wayshowers will find and fund those people.

Not like others who left won’t come back and be called upon. They will. But there’s some unknown impact somewhere, some unknown significance that arises from having stuck it out.

I will gladly “expect the unexpected,” indeed “revel in the unexpected.”

If masters like Jesus are trying to get us excited, I’m willing to go there.

This dam has to break some time soon and I’m willing to get excited, even if it comes at the price of looking foolish – again.

So far the ride has definitely been worth it.

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