Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Expanding Your Field Of Vision

Channelled By DL Zeta On 1-23-16

The energies of recent months triggered numerous ‘shake-ups’ that are now threading their way through your consciousness, sewing seeds of change that are already sprouting on the scene of your daily life. More energy shifts will be ushered in by the March eclipse series (March 8 and 23), so this is a good time to bring awareness to the changes currently taking place.

Change Filters through the Lens of Spiritual Purpose

These energies are filtered through the unique lens of your spiritual purpose and your personal identity. They manifest in your world in needed ways. Some of you have experienced it through the loss of a foundational aspect of your life such as a career, relationship or other changes on the home front. Others have experienced a sudden insight or revelation that altered your viewpoint or identity. Still others experienced health challenges that awakened them to their inner healer.

However this shake-up is manifesting for you, it has likely triggered many questions, setting you upon a new journey of discovery. This journey brings clarity to your understanding of the meaning of this passage. Expanding your field of vision allows you to open to what is being asked of you during this time and the opportunities contained within this passage. New potentials and timelines will materialize on your horizon as you answer the call to this new level of awakening.

Shake-Ups Awaken us to Karmic Patterns

A shake-up is an opportunity to further awaken to karmic patterns that may be holding you in place. Shake-ups happen when you are ready to heal and release karmic patterns. These patterns are spun from the threads of past life traumas as well as misunderstandings from the current lifetime. These shake-ups impact each person according to their current location on the map of their becoming. A shake-up assists you by creating a bubble of chaos that distances you from the pattern. Chaos triggers a desire to divine order that motivates you toward a new insight or skill that helps you burn through a habit or pattern that is binding you to a past you have outgrown.

Evolving Past Karmic Patterns

When you find yourself in a transformative passage, accept this as a signal that it’s time to evolve past anything that once held you back. Once you undergo a shake-up, the next step in this journey is to expand your field of vision. Expanding your field of vision allows you to consciously take in more of what has been there all along.

Expanding your field of vision allows you to see through your inner lens of perception more of what is there energetically – more by way of potentials, opportunities, connections, insights and inspiration. Expanding your field of vision will make you aware of the wealth of love and resources that are available and accessible within your present moment. It can help you see ways you may be tethered to past traumas and misunderstandings and how your moment-by-moment choices impact your health, well-being and future potentials. Expanded vision can make you aware of latent skills and abilities you can activate and enhance in this lifetime.

Embracing Timelines where your Dreams Already Exist

If you don’t see your desires showing up in your physical reality it may be time to shift your focus. Expand your field of vision to encompass the timeline where your desired reality is already in existence. This timeline most likely exists just to the left or right of your present location, moving along a parallel reality thread.

Shift your focus and attention to this reality and begin energizing the timeline where it exists. Whenever you shift to a new timeline it is wise to be prepared for unexpected changes. For example, when you energize the timeline where you are offered the job of your dreams it may mean you will leave off with other life threads. Some present aspects of your life may not exist along this new timeline.

Exploring Potential Life Threads

Before shifting your focus entirely to a new timeline, you may want to travel to the new parallel thread to witness the changes this timeline shift will trigger. It may take several journeys to clearly tune into a new timeline. Each time you ‘tune in’ you further energize this timeline into your life, helping guarantee it will show up in physical reality.

Once you journey to this new timeline and observe your life there, you will feel more certain of your choice – or you may choose to begin exploring and energizing a different timeline altogether. You can always keep refining the timeline of your choice as there are many timelines running parallel to your present moment. Keep working with journeying, imagination and dreamwork to energize the timeline that is highest and best for you. Do not settle for a timeline that is not consistent with your feelings or highest visions.

Breaking Free of the Scarcity Thought Virus

The energies of recent months and years brought awareness to many limiting beliefs. Even as we come into new levels of awareness we still sometimes need a jolt to help us break free of the limitations on which we have based our assumptions about our potentials and capabilities. Energetic shake-ups of recent months and years were designed to help break us loose collectively and individually from the scarcity thought virus deeply en-grained in human consciousness.

As you shine the light of awareness on any limiting beliefs, your higher self continues to bring you images of your highest visions. Keep expanding your field of perception and keep looking beyond perceived limitations. Keep going within and allowing yourself to be guided along this journey. Each time you go within, each time you focus your energy within, you expand your field of perception and bring to conscious awareness more of your potentials.

You came here to fulfill a unique and vital purpose. As you free your consciousness from past limitations and open to new, higher visions, you join with others on the inner planes to anchor and usher in the new time on Planet Earth. There are among you healers, channels, teachers, artists, writers, leaders and shamans who will join with others to activate timelines of the New Earth.

In coming times you will receive much assistance in stepping free of all that stands in the way of realizing your destiny. Welcome the changes and shake-ups that come your way for they are reminding you it’s time to expand your field of vision in order to embrace and align with the version of you that already exists along high-vibrational timelines.

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