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Solar Christ Grids: A Migration Of Reality

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Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
Goodness there is a lot to catch up on. I AM still in this gorgeous Resurrection phase, having absolutely bizarre experiences and attaining, integrating higher levels of Solar consciousness. It was strange to not communicate with you in the usual way (the articles) over the last few weeks, although I AM sure you feel me with you in the subtler realms.

 This Resurrection phase (merging with the Solar Christ consciousness) continues through Equinox. It is getting easier to balance being in many realities, especially when one knows they have already been tagged for Ascension, however the experience of being here, there and everywhere has a truly sacred, devout sensation since the grid migration. I AM an Equinox person, and I see March will be very bizarre, so I AM completing annual updates to Ascension Path and all kinds of busy-ness in February.

First and foremost is the good work, so this intel is about the newly activated Solar Christ grid migration, what it means, and an invitation to work with it.

The New Solar Christ Grids

We had shared that the false structures which held 3-D replication in place would be dissolving by the end of the tetrad project. In mid-December last year all of the lower realities were migrated to the new Solar Christed grid system. That means disharmony is going to get extremely uncomfortable, and disclosure can present with less damage, but most importantly Gaia and HUmanity can step into their Solar beingness more easily. Notice the difference already?

Yes, it is bizarre at first, because the old reality was synthetically supported for more-o-the-same. That hasn’t been organic for a while, and as those programs dissolve HUmans are feeling what true 4D life is like, and 5D/6D initiates are zooming ahead. Personally, I have had major shifts in my activations, skills and consciousness since this occurred. Lower Self feels complete, Christed Self is at the forefront, my understanding deepens, my Galactic Self shifted to accommodate, and my service priorities changed again.

The Solar Christ grid system, a new gridwork which Lightworkers, Gridworkers, and Gatekeepers have been building for over a decade, is a system of 5D/6D Gates and lines similar to the classic ley line system, however it has a specific purpose; to assist Gaia and HUmanity in raising, expanding into the Solar or Christ consciousness. It works in tandem with the Crystalline Unity grid system which surrounds the planet.

The Solar Christ grid fuses ancient codes and structures deep within Gaia, some of which is being exposed as the Shift accelerates, with the Crystalline Grid via Gateways and pillars of light. In order for Gaia to embody her destiny as a Spiritual Sun, she must expand. This happens during every great age of evolution, however during this shift to Solar Christ consciousness the expansion takes on a new dimensional level as well, in order to support a much higher state of vibration and a population of Solar Christed HUmans who are choosing to take on that challenge with her.

It pulls the rug out from old dark agendas who didn’t think we could accomplish this. They thought we were working with what they could perceive – the 4D grids where their programs were anchored – and as you know, they cannot perceive octaves above that without resonating with the Christ, with the Heart. It sounds tricky, but all is fair in Love and Love.

The new grounded Solar Christ grid and the Crystalline grid expand the grounded torus of 4D Gaia outward to meet the 5D/6D torus of the New Earth conscousness, very similar to what we are doing with our own torus fields; expanding the lower Self torus out to merge with the Higher Self torus. In Gaia’s case, she has information and Solar codes deep within her core, crystal beds, and some very ancient technology which were dormant, waiting for best-case-scenario of our Ascension. Since we were able to achieve the higher trajectory of the Christed Ascension timelines, the past must align to compliment that trajectory.

Every time you change a future outcome, the past gets rewritten to accommodate the through-line of that story, the flow of that time-torus. The Solar Christ grid was a possibility; Gatekeepers remembered that scenario (with all of our higher guidance of course), Lightworkers got it up and running, the old grids which supported lesser outcomes (and the recreation of 3D) dropped in December, we migrated realities to the higher timelines, and now the ancient tech and codes which we placed hundreds of thousands of years ago can now be part of this new reality. We changed the future trajectory, so things that we stored in the past just-in-case can now step forth and compliment that outcome. The through-line is stabilized. The Christed timelines and outcomes can accelerate at a very rapid rate.

Anytime a major event like this occurs, the lag in the time continuum allows the collective to ease into the change. That lag feels shorter as our Solar system is bombarded with photonic light. This event felt very sudden for me – a dramatic shift in reality, level of consciousness, and an almost abusive amount of visions. When I checked in with other Gatekeepers, they had similar experiences. I AM sure many of you felt more cosmic as we completed the migration.

It is not our intention to make it weird, but to activate the Solar acceleration of the planetary consciousness, merge the grounded grid with the HUman heart grid and Crsytalline grid – this year – in order to prepare her for the massive waves of light anticipated by 2017. That wave grows closer, it’s setting off Supernovas like the one last June, which just hit the news last month, which is so bright that they cannot even categorize it with the old measures.

That’s the closest one to our neighborhood so far, just a galxay or two away (remember this is a Universal Shift). Feel into this from the higher perspective rather than a Sun-chart-watching 3D perspective. Do you see what is unfolding, and how the fields of possible outcomes are changing?

Kindwhile, our visions went into overdrive, and Gatekeepers – oh my beloved fellow Gatekeepers, bless us all – are seeing the division of realities again. It is our highest desire to open the Gates for everyone, but as this is the age of Mikael and Divine Will rules the day, it is a free will choice. That is to say, Divine Will rules the paradigm, individual free will is your experience. Ascension is happening regardless of the low-vibe activity, and for those doing the highest-outcome embodiment work, things shifted into a level of purity and truth which is not describable in words.

Turn and Face the Strange, Shasta Gatekeeper

During the migration I saw thousands of people leaving through the Gates. like a flip-book or deck of cards, one face after the other, going, going, going. Gatekeepers see HUmans and other beings come and go all the time, that comes with the job, however to have thousands of beloveds passing through my personal space on their way out through Shasta (Inter-Galactic Gate) was overwhelming. Three day’s worth of mass exodus visions, then it slowed down to normal level. This is largely pre-cog activity, so I expect many to be transitioning this year.

On the morning of January 17 – the final date for my Shasta work which the team gave me last November – a tall, slim, blonde-haired, light-eyed brother presented at the Gate. This is in the Higher Realms, the Interdimensional Solar Gateway. He was wearing blue and shining so bright I could not see his face clearly. We embraced for a while and I noticed his neck wrinkles; an older brother. The love was overwhelming in that moment. A true comraderie and mutual respect.

We broke the embrace and had a short telepathic exchange of comfort; we will be separated for just a short while, then reunited. For some reason, I called him David and asked him to sing one more time. He smiled and then he burst into light through the gate. What a beautiful exchange, what a beautiful soul. The feeling of Divine love stayed with me all day, like being in love, I held David in my heart.
I got out of bed around 2am the next morning and was guided to get online to witness the news.

There it was: David Bowie had died on Sunday morning. Our singing David, thank you for the confirmation. Oddly enough, another siSTAR in Shasta who also had no connection to David, also saw him at the exact same hour on Sunday morning going through the Shasta gate. That was at least 18 hours before they announced his passing to the public.

Neither of us listened to his music, or knew he was ill, or follow pop culture, so it was one of those experiences which really touches the heart. Gatekeepers tend to see celebrities before they transition because their death will affect so many, however this one was unique and landed on my special date. The Sirian-Bowie synchs keep presenting, however that is not the point of this exchange.

Kindwhile, my old contract with Shasta has ended and I AM released to choose whether or not to be in Shasta in the physical any longer. As the energy rises here it is tempting to stray. I have dreams of comforting locals and telling them that it’s okay to leave now, that the energy is going to get too intense. (I still feel the volcanic eruption visions were energetic metaphors.) This is a Mastery-level decision connected to end game scenarios, so i won’t be hasty in my choice. At present, we’ll finish out the resurrection phase through Spring Equinox.

I feel Mikael and Melchizedek so strongly right now, I imagine they have plans for me as I embody this new level of Gatekeepership. Perhaps we will merge with Archi level, the pure MahaEl level in order to serve Source. Regardless of where I choose to place the body, the Gatekeeper function has merged across many layers of my Multidimensional Self and I feel that Solar beingness stronger than ever. It is a true blessing to serve in this role, and see what unfolds for Shasta as a Gateway for the new Solar Grid system.

Ancient artifacts, Codes, Solar grid

My journey to the Redwoods revealed some very ancient parts of myself as well as the Gaia. Watch for this, Beloveds. You’ll be getting back multidimensional aspects that will dissolve the lower Self and your lower experience quickly. Solar beingness has an absolute attunement to the natural world and all of her secrets. Biocommunication is key; the organic merge with the kingdoms, Gaia, SUN, Galaxy; this is a natural order which photonic light brings forth in your own existence.

This natural, elemental intuition will amplify as these Solar grids activate, because the elements in your (cleared, activated, crystalline) body will attune to it. Work with this; discover the new Gates, these physical and dimensional access points assist us in amplifying this new truly sacred geometry within Gaia. It works with the crystalline cities, temples and pyramids in the ethers above Gaia, as well as the structures which are deep within her. Unity, Solar Unity; united in the Christ light to bring forth the new consciousness. It is a natural, sacred, geometric flow.

Watch and listen for guidance on picking up ancient codes now emanating through this new Solar Christ grid. Call it forth, call forth these codes and activations to get this grid accelerating. This new level is pushing forward at the same time as disclosure, and we request balance on Gaia and the collective’s behalf. It is everything all at once this year; stay organized, centered, simplify and choose your intentions wisely.

Revelation through Service

Join the Masters for a Unified Meditation Monday, February 1: Pacific Rim Gatekeepers are unifying for some high-level work. Join us or hold space around 5pmPT, this will assist in activating the 144,000. If guided to participate, join in with peaceful intentions and Solar Christ grid/HUman Heart Grid Unity. Toning will be especially helpful. Open up those Ascension columns and Gateways, Beloveds. I Love You, I Bless You, I Thank You.

In Love, Light and Service,

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