Saturday, January 23, 2016

ZG: Truth Gleaning And The Quest For Meaning

Another skillful 5D pep-talk from The Zenmeister.  And thanks, coach, for reminding me that it only hurts for a second...very comforting.  BTW how long is a second in NO-Time Multi-D frequencies?

 By Zen Gardner On 1-21-16

What I find profoundly encouraging is the knowledge that the truth is out there and being feasted upon. We may not get the immediate gratification of this realization due to suppressed mainstream news but it is the truth.Now extrapolate that out to the politically sincere looking for answers amidst such obvious media, political and economic chicanery and manipulation. Or the disillusioned patriot or freedom lover who sees no light at the end of the tunnel and is looking for empowerment and encouragement as well as solace.

Let yourself peruse other areas of information dissemination and you’ll see it. Not just the mainstream, although it’s leaking in there as well and can be identified by their occasional admissions and wildly erratic distractions, cover ups and damage control efforts.

Look at what’s happening in the Christian and other religious and belief paradigms and how much they’re getting much of what’s going on and obviously using our alternative resources to substantiate their newfound information. They and other previously isolated belief cliques are on to the trans-human agenda, genetic modification, geoengineering and the growing police state in a big way. What happens? This leads them down new pathways to discover other unsavory truths about the whirled around us.

And this naturally lends itself to new discoveries in a realm where truth vindicates itself in a big way.

The Truth Has Legs of It’s Own

And how about those directly affected by these psychopathic genocidal incursions into their countries, or are within a nation supporting such atrocities? Then there are the many people drastically affected by the clearly manipulated money, energy and housing markets. They are seriously reassessing what’s really going on.

These are the people of the growing mass awakening. It’s happening at many levels. Don’t hold your breath for all of them, but there is an insurgence of truth recognition that we can draw tremendous affirmation from.

The truth may not be predominant on the whirled scene just yet, but it’s being gleaned and digested at many levels for any and all willing and/or compelled to look for it.

So let’s keep getting it out there and keep heart in our efforts.

Information and Resonance

When the truth hits anyone, in most cases we stop and consider at some level. Sometimes it can be in the middle of a comedy routine, a wonderful outlet for truth and release. Sometimes it’s a news item, something someone said at the right time, an event, but we all experience these moments.
And they add up to eventually tip the scales.

The fact that humanity has been driven to an on-line existence is not all bad. There’s a hell of a lot more truth on the net than in senseless, meaningless shallow interactions in our politically correct paralyzed media defined whirled where contention and personal belief affirmation are the daily fare.

But despite that senseless banter in humdrum society, the internet is where many “stumble” on true, resonant information and a sense of compassion for humanity you find nowhere else in this current contrived social milieu.

People turn toward and respond to resonance – that which vibrates with their inner soul expression. Of course there are many layers of shallower responses but the drawing is there. And that’s what is compelling millions upon millions to seek greater truth.
A truly phenomenal epoch of which we are all part.

Trust Your Heart and Keep Your Shoulder to the Wheel

I can’t emphasize this enough. Don’t look for validation from outside sources, although I’m trying to identify how to spot those as well for extra encouragement. Trust your heart. You’ll know our current condition and situation by your intuitive sense most of all, assuming you are already a participant in one form or another.

You have to keep the intention going in order to pick up the signal.

The awakening is not some far off etherial notion. It is real, pragmatic and applicable in our daily lives. It involves information dissemination, personal intent, courageous activism and a redefined sense of our true selves. We have to be willing to buck the tide, and to do it wisely yet with fierce determination – in many small ways and often big ways which will take sacrifice of personal comfort and so-called security.

But the pay off? Priceless! The inspiration and enthusiasm that fills the committed life is inestimable.
Wanna give it a shot? What do you have to lose?

A lot if you don’t.
The new world is being born in our awakening. Let it happen.
It’s in our power to tip the scales.
Lean on. The wheel is turning and the paradigms are shifting!

Love always,

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