Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Past We Forget, Returns As Our Future – Part 1.

If you still don't grok the concepts of 'holographic realities' this is a perfect refresher course.  It came to Sue in the 80's only to be unwrapped and presented to the blogosphere in this auspicious NOW moment...time to do The Time-Warp again!

Suzanne Lie: Straight Talk on Ascension

StraightTalk_Sue2 (1)The energy is VERY HOT right now. By “hot” we mean “HOT” as in electronics because you are experiencing an ever-increasing frequency rate of your neural synapses. The reason why your synapses are firing at a higher frequency is because your consciousness is resonating to a higher frequency/dimension.

In fact, your states of consciousness are beginning to match the frequencies of higher Light that are penetrating and transmuting all your neural synapses.

In your human state of consciousness, there are three major categories:

Unconscious Mind – alpha and delta waves – fourth dimensional self

Conscious Mind—beta waves – third dimensional self

Super-conscious Mind – gamma waves – fifth dimensional Self and beyond.

You are becoming increasingly aware of the ever-expanding waves of Transformational Light. This “Higher Light” resonates to such a high frequency that it is beginning to activate the 97% “junk DNA” that is latent within your human body.


I am posting this information, which is at very end of my www.multidimensions.com site, because it is the NOW to bring this information that was discovered in the early 1980s and was forgotten or hidden. Also, our minds were not as open to this kind of information then…

In the 1980s, science started to support the theory that our reality is a hologram. Scientific research documented by Stanislav Grof M.D., in The Holotropic Brain, and by Michael Talbot, in The Holographic Universe concluded that our brains and the Universe are holographic in nature.

In other words, reality is a holographic projection, and we are the projector that receives the holographic film, processes it with our holographic brain, and projects it onto our screen of life. According to these theories, the third dimension is a projected illusion, and the physical reality only exists through our perceptions.

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