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An Hour With An Arcturian - From December 21, 2015

When you cross a channelling with an interview I think you get a 'channelview'...see below and enjoy!

Dr. Suzanne Lie-Guest Channel

Steve Beckow-Host, InLight Radio

Hello every one,
I am posting this segment of 12-21-15 Hour Interview with Steve NOW, as it is a good pre-cursor to better understanding of your Unconditionally Loving you Third Chakra, which will go up tomorrow.

Steve: Linda Dillon is away this month recuperating from shoulder surgery. Ordinarily, we’d have Jesus on before Christmas, but today we have Sue Lie with us again with the Arcturians. Sue and I both have strong a strong connection to Arcturus, so this is like old home week. How are you today, Sue?

Sue: I’m doing great!

SB: And how are the Arcturians today? Do the Arcturians feel universally and continuously wonderful, or is there such a thing as a bad day for an Arcturian?

SL: Laughter. That’s a good question! I’m going to ask them!

SB: Okay.

Arcturians: Greetings Steve, we are very happy to communicate with you again. And yes, we do have a range of frequencies, in that when we spend a great deal of our energy patterns interfacing with the third dimension, we often need to take a break, as you would say; for, it is difficult down there. And we appreciate that.

SB: Difficult here and near the fourth and third dimensions? What is the difficulty? Could you describe how it is for you when you approach these dimensions?

ARC: Well, we use the word difficult because we find that is a word often found in people’s consciousness in describing the challenges in the third-dimensional life. For us, it is …we live in energy patterns that flow in unity in unconditional love. And when we interface with the third dimension, we also experience there are energy patterns that still flow in the darkness of control over others, power over others.

SB: Right. How do you experience that? What is the experience?

ARC: We don’t experience it as much as we perceive it. We can perceive the flow of energy patterns within your third-dimensional reality. We can also perceive that when there is a situation, person, place that is flowing within harmony, all the different frequencies of the energy patterns flow like a calm river or a still ocean.

On the other hand, when we see energy patterns where there is an attempt to overtake, or have power over, or control others, the humans on the receiving end of this experience are often frightened and may feel “under the control of another person.”

In this case, we perceive the energy fields much like waves of as ocean hitting against each other. In other words, we perceive how these energy patterns, instead of all flowing calmly in the same direction, move in opposing directions and bounce off of each other to create yet even more dissonance.

SB: Are you seeing this, or experiencing this, or what?

ARC: We perceive it. We choose not to experience it. But we live in empathy for our grounded ones who are wearing an earth vessel that do have to experience it on occasion.

SB: So is there a component of your own experiencing that is perhaps rattled or plunged into dissonance?

ARC: What we will say is that we have evolved enough to know when we need to release any attachment to that reality and to return to our own innate higher frequencies. So we would say yes, there are times when we choose to, as you would say, take a break.

SB: And, when you take a break, what do you do?

ARC: When we take a break, we bask in the unconditional love, multi-dimensional light, and unity consciousness within our higher frequencies of reality. We wish we could project it out to you, as it is difficult to find words for something that is only a feeling. In fact, this feeling can’t really be experienced by words unless one has already experienced it on their own.

SB: I totally know what you’re talking about. It’s the same with bliss or ecstasy. How do you describe it? It’s impossible.

ARC: It is difficult to use a third-dimensional word to describe it. But we can project that feeling into our grounded ones who have opened their consciousness to our communications.

SB: Yes, indeed. Since I’ve mentioned love, bliss, and ecstasy, can I begin our discussion by asking you are each of these - of course love transcends everything, so it’s a little difficult to talk about love - but are these “states of being” associated with dimensions, or are they all available to us on, say, fourth, and certainly, the fifth dimension.

ARC: Yes, they are available on the fifth dimension. And, third and fourth dimensional ones can experience them if they expand their consciousness into that frequency. And then that expansion of consciousness, if maintained for a period of “time,” will begin to create new synaptic junctions within the physical brain to more completely connect with their multi-dimensional mind.

Your “multidimensional mind” is the fifth dimensional, energy field that can be merged with your third dimensional brain much like a “separate hard drive.” This connection is accomplished by expanding your consciousness into the fifth dimension. Then, every time one of our grounded ones has that experience, it is easier to have that experience again.

SB: It’s very interesting, I notice that we just accept the words you use, but I don’t know if we necessarily know what you mean. For instance, you say expand your consciousness. What does it mean to expand one’s consciousness? What exactly does that refer to?

ARC: What it means to “expand your consciousness” is that you create a conscious road, pathway from your third dimensional consciousness of your everyday life into your fourth-dimensional consciousness of your higher everyday life, and then into your fifth-dimensional consciousness.

Once you are able to create that initial portal from your physical self up to the portal into your fifth-dimensional consciousness, you will have a much easier ride into higher and higher frequencies of reality.

SB: Wow. I also had a brief experience of a state of being that I call “exaltation.” I’m not going to be talking about that a lot, but could you tell what that is or us a bit more about where that is to be found dimensionally?

ARC: Yes. Again, exaltation is a word that you chose for your experience. Others may likely choose a different word for that experience, such as bliss, joy, surrender, unity, unconditional love, and/or fulfillment.

These feelings are much like an open portal to our grounded ones fifth dimensional beings. In other words, these exalted feelings create a doorway to the higher dimensions. And once that doorway, that portal, opens wide your sense of exaltation is much like a preview of coming attractions. Initially, one is lost in the third dimension might find some creative activities that open them to a higher frequency of consciousness. And, your frequency of consciousness determines your frequency of perceptions.

If you continue to expand your state of consciousness into higher and higher brainwaves, you will begin to have a degree of mental control. That is you begin to realize that YOU can chose to alter your thinking.

Once the decision is made to gain a degree of mastery over the thoughts that you allow to remain in your brain, you can choose to not allow fearful thoughts into your consciousness. This mastery of your mind often begins by expanding your consciousness out of daily responsibilities and chores and into creative, spiritual, and meditative experiences. We have spoken in depth on Suzille’s Blog about the topic of consciousness.

Gradually, the mastery over the mind begins to blend into a mastery over the body. Then you will begin to understand your body’s communication about what you eat, what you do, what you don’t do, what you don’t eat. This inter-communication with your earth vessel further expands your frequency of resonance.

Your physical body is your “instrument of resonance,” which you plug into the body of Gaia so that your inter-dimensional portal is fully grounded, and so that you can better share with others what you have received in your inter-dimensional travels.

SB: When I receive energy, say, I ground it into Gaia, this is part of the plan? We’re supposed to be doing this, right? And, can you describe the circuit that results including Gaia sending it back out into Her planetary reality?

ARC: Yes we would be very happy to describe that for everyone, for it is such a joyous thing. One of the first things that happens, when a human remembers to ground their higher dimensional and inter-dimensional experiences into the actual core of the planet is that they become a component of the planet.

The personal, human consciousness begins to expand more and more into their personal, planetary consciousness. As one move into the core of Gaia, they see that you are definitely not alone, as there are many Ascended Masters, and Planetary Logos, and Angelic, and Galactic, and the millions that live there and have their reality there.

The core of Gaia is now fifth dimensional. Hence, there are many fifth- dimensional experiences there that are much like “preview of coming attractions” for New Earth. Then, when you go back up to your daily reality, you get the feeling that there is something, creative, unconditional loving and special that you are meant to create in your 3D life.

Whatever it is, whether it’s learning to dance, or sing, or meditate, the first time that you do, it is the most difficult because you are performing a novel act. However, when you ground your experiences in the core of Gaia, you share your dedication to expand your consciousness with all the loving in Gaia’s Heart/Core.

Also, when you actually share your expanding experiences with the Gaia’s Core Crystal, the Crystal shares it’s crystalline energy back with you to initiate and expand your process of becoming your crystalline self. Because Gaia is a cause and effect planet, what you put out, you get back. Thus, if you give your life essence to the crystal, then the crystal will share its life essence with you.

SB: You say Gaia is a cause and effect planet, are all planets not cause and effect in the lower dimensions?

ARC: No. There are planets that are not cause and effect planets.

SB: What would it look like to be on a planet that’s not cause and effect?

ARC: Well, it depends on what the rest of that planetary program is. For example, Venus is a planet that resonates to the frequency of love. Because Venus resonates to the frequency of love, She doesn’t have to have the experience of cause and effect. The experience of cause and effect is to teach people how to love.

You see, if you put out hate, what comes back is hate. But, if you put out love, what comes back is love. A “cause and effect planet,” such as Earth, is where Souls incarnate to learn to put out love because it feels so good when it comes back. Hopefully, one will eventually learn to not send out hate, because hate does not feel good when it comes back.

But on Venus, there is only love. Therefore, many humans go to Venus to learn about love, so that when they come back to Earth they can learn how to send out love so they can get back love.

SB: Are there more planets that are not cause and effect oriented in these lower dimensions?

ARC: There are. Also, Gaia has chosen a very difficult path because not only does she have cause and effect, she also has free will. So, if you have free will, then you can choose to put out something that is damaging. But other planets, they may not have free-will.

Other planets may have cause and effect, but in order to incarnate into that planet, you have to have created a resonance of a certain frequency in which you resonate to love. In other words, they have cause and effect, but not free will as it occurs on Earth.

SB: You know I have such trouble thinking of a planet that doesn’t have free will. How does it run if it doesn’t have free will?

ARC: Well, that planet is not a teaching planet. Gaia is a teaching planet. On Gaia, people come to learn. They learn that the energy they put out is the energy they get back, and they learn that they have the free will to decide to put out darkness. Unfortunately, this free-will choice of putting out darkness has almost destroyed Gaia on myriad occasions.

For this reason, many other planets have not chosen free-will because it is very dangerous because those who have the free-will may chose to do something negative. The negativity that they put out comes back into that person, eventually. Unfortunately, when someone has a very low frequency of consciousness, what they put out takes a longer time to come back. So they don’t learn.

They don’t realize that that bad thing happened because they put it out. But as the frequency of the consciousness expands, then what goes out comes back quickly. So, if they put out something that isn’t very loving, and it comes back, and they have a better chance of saying, “Oh, okay, I’m going to transmute that. Sorry, sorry, didn’t mean to do that.”

It is this choice that allows them to go through their process of ascension. But there are planets that aren’t specifically learning planets and ascension planets. There are planets that are hubs of intergalactic exchanges. Hence the challenges that arise from free will and from what goes out comes back, could be greatly distracting.

SB: I think that it was Sanat Kumara who said a while back that Earth was one of the few planets that did not know that there were other civilizations in the cosmos. And, how could that be that we’d be the only planet that didn’t know? What was Gaia’s original assignment? I’ve heard that it was to provide a playground for Angels. And maybe that’s the answer.

ARC: Well, what happened with Gaia is that Gaia is a very loving planet, and some planets are not as loving. Her dear sister Venus is very loving. Other planets are not as loving. So other planets are more detached, or funny, or have a little anger. Because Gaia was such a loving planet, she allowed the “laggards” that could not ascend with their own planet, to incarnate on Her planet.

Then, they did on Gaia the very same thing that was the reason why they did not ascend on their own planet. Now that Gaia moving into the fifth dimension, she is graduating out of the third dimension. Some of her beings will graduate with her while some of her beings, such as the laggards, will move on to another “planetary school.”

SB: Yes. It seems at this time we usually honor either the Ascended Masters and/or the qualities that these Ascended Masters exemplified. I wonder if you could talk to us a bit about how we can, ourselves become like Jesus, reflecting the divine qualities he did. What does that call upon us for?

ARC: It has to begin with unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness, and unconditional acceptance. Very often for humans, it begins with unconditional acceptance because that acceptance reminds them that they are the creator of their life and they chose the reality that they created.

When our volunteers accept that, they are no longer victims. They will consciously realize that they are learning/remembering to be the Creators that they already are in their own higher dimensional expressions of SELF.

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