Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Arcturians on AHWAA: Mastering What Jesus Knew

A guided tour of the Ascension Wormhole by the folks who installed it...a must read if you've got any sentience to spare...DT


Interviewed By Steve Beckow  
Dr. Suzanne Lie - Guest Channel

An Excerpt:

SB: When I receive energy, say, and I ground it into Gaia, is this part of the plan? We’re supposed to be doing this, right? And, can you describe the circuit that results including Gaia sending it back out?

ARCTURIANS: Yes we would be very happy to describe that for everyone, for it is such a joyous thing. One of the first things that happens, when a human remembers to ground their higher dimensional and interdimensional experiences into the actual core of the planet, they become a component of the planet. The personal human consciousness begins to expand more and more into their planetary consciousness.

Now, as you move into the core of Gaia, you see that you are definitely not alone, as there are many ascended masters, and planetary logos, and angelic, and galactic, and the millions that live there and have their reality there. And there is that fifth-dimensional experience. It’s like a preview of coming attractions.

So when you go back up to your daily reality, you get the feeling of something that you can replicate. Whatever it is, whether it’s learning to dance, or sing, or meditate, the first time that you do it is the most difficult because you are doing a novel act. So, when you ground your experiences into the core of Gaia, you are surrounded by all these loving people that share their experience with you. Also, when you actually share it with the core crystal of Gaia, then you are becoming your crystalline self. For, you are giving your life essence into crystal and Gaia is a cause-and-effect planet, so, what you put out, you get back. So, if you give your life essence to the crystal, then the crystal will share its life essence with you.

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