Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Keep An Even Keel and Your Hand Upon the Wheel

By Zen Gardner In Waking Times 1-15-16

It’s a pretty difficult time to navigate that we’re in. The news, views and constant spews are bad enough, but the underlying energetic changes that are hitting us are enormous.

No doubt your personal life is under re-examination. That’s good. No doubt your course in life is under serious consideration as well. Also good.

Take the ride gracefully and trust inside yourself. Very profound changes are happening at very deep levels within each of us while all this is playing out on the surface. Let it happen. You’ll be fine, as long as you let it happen and operate from the heart.

But keep your hand upon the wheel.

A Time to Morph

Changes aren’t always easy. Some we accept willingly and others “not so much”. Transition is a moving from one place to another, often implying leaving constructs, unhealthy dependencies and things behind in order to make the leap before us.

That’s how it works.

Let go, and go. It’s very simple, yet, the implications can seem catastrophic. That’s only because of our world view and, most of all, our attachments. Attachments to things we think are inseparable from ourselves, or seemingly essential to our existence.

All bollocks. Just let go.

Change is an evolving process based on one decision, one choice at a time. As we let go, the new manifests.

But I agree, it’s not that easy.

Keeping An Even Keel

Despite these challenges, as well as because of them, we’re compelled to consciously man the helm of our lives as we attempt to maintain control of the ship. At the very least we have to navigate and stay on the look out. “Hey, there are reefs out there, and there are calmer seas over there – turn the ship!”

But that’s just the fundamental damage control mode. Real conscious steering keeps in mind the overall direction of the ship even during storms, internal turmoil, and external calamities. There’s a time to use and ride the waves and tides, and a time to exert our will on this mystic, morphic sea.

Both are essential, and finding the balance between, when to execute control and when to let it ride, could be considered a definition of our mission here in this life, something we’re forced to master in these shifting, surging seas.

And again, that’s a good thing. We’re growing into who we truly are.

The Control Dilemma

Taking control is not something that we’re used to. We’ve been directed, corralled and channeled almost all of our lives, with very little exertion of personal will in the grand scheme of things. Our economy and social structures are already determined, our personalities and attitudes molded by predetermined forces, and our environment is already formulated and controlled.

There’s not a whole lot left with which to move freely about this life as we’ve been repeatedly promised since our options were castrated before we had any choice. The influences are too long to list, but we’re slowly getting it as we continue to wake up, one step against the storm after the other.

Maintaining an even keel is no small task. So much is battering us but maintain it we must. Something very deep arises within each of us during all of this, and that’s the birthing process.

The warrior arises – the soul comes alive – and this is the awakening.

The answer we’ve all longed for – and it’s within each and every one of us.
Steer on – in love, faith and heart felt confidence.

The fleet is assembling as we speak.

Love always, Zen


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