Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Fear of Death

"I personally don't have a problem with death, I just don't want to be there when it happens." - Woody Allen

By Steve Beckow On 1-5-16

Recently Mike Quinsey, channeling his Higher Self, wrote:

“The biggest hurdle [in encountering the new revelations of truth] is where people have beliefs that do not allow for life after death, as it really exists.

“There is no death as such and when you lay down your earthly body, you immediately move into your etheric body. Few souls if any notice the difference so the transition is easy and most welcome, and you are free from all earthly ailments that you brought with you.” (1)

I’d like to pick up where Mike left off.

Every life has a beginning, a middle, and an end.

The beginning is our birth; the end is our death; and the middle is everything in between.

Many of us believe that we live only one life. But that isn’t so.

Rather than look into the entire notion of reincarnation, perhaps I could cut to the chase and simply say that, according to every sage, every galactic, and every celestial who ever was, we’re eternal.

We’re fragments of God made up of a single, universal element – love.

We’ve been alive in one form or another since forever.

Before we individuated, we were the same: God. After we individuated, we were the same: God.

Or I could have said “love.”

Much of our fear comes from the belief that we’re going to die. That belief is totally false.

This body, this rented wet suit, this Halloween costume we wear, outfitted with sensors and communication equipment, will fall off us dead. That’s true.

But, as Mike reminded us, we’ll no more die at that moment than we were dead before.

The change we need to make in our beliefs is that the death of the body is not the end. The soul that wears the body – the soul is us – drops it and lives on.

We won’t change, save for feeling freer.

All our thoughts and feelings we’ll take with us. But we won’t take the density, the burden of the physical body.

Oh, yes, and then we go on to Club Med and have a good life on the other side. Mike calls it by the name that most afterlife communicators use: The Summerlands. They are the higher subplanes of the Astral Plane.

“What you may have heard about the ‘Summerland’ where most souls go to after death, is that it is more of a reception area where you will meet your nearest and dearest who will help you adjust to that dimension.

“When you settle in you will learn that at this level thought is more powerful than it was upon Earth, and that most things you need can be ‘thought’ into existence. Everyone reviews their life on Earth and you will find out how well you have done where your life plan was concerned. Where you need more experience in certain areas, it will be part of future life plans.” (2)

Most people are overjoyed to be free of the body within minutes of passing over. The improvement in life is immediately apparent.

Many find in their life review that they missed many opportunities to fulfill their soul contract, such is the density and misleading belief systems that we’re born into.

Nonetheless, there’s no need to fear death. But reading that sentence only brings with it intellectual knowledge.

I had an out-of-body experience in 1977, which gave me direct, realized knowledge that there is no death.

It demonstrated conclusively to me that I was not my body. The moment I saw that, the fear of death disappeared.

That kind of knowledge is of a far more immediate and convincing kind than the mere reading of a sentence.

I find it a great blessing to live without the fear of death. I suggest anyone who wants a similar experience might want to ask for it. Ask and ye shall receive, we’re told.

What it means to me is I’m not as easily manipulated as one who fears death. Such a one need only be threatened and they might submit. But I feel no such need to submit because I’m not threatened by death. (I do have my triggers however, just not death.)

Most threats are constructed so that they play upon our fear of death. Some are only threats of injury, but we fear injury because we fear being incapacitated; we fear being incapacitated because we fear we might die. The fear of death is ultimately behind most serious threats.

I’m ready to go at any time. I used to joke to the Members of the Immigration and Refugee Board that I was out of here at age 75. Actually it wasn’t a joke. As long as bodies age, then I choose 75 as the date beyond which I no longer want a body. Six more years to go! (3) Whoopee!

Life on the other side is much, much more enjoyable than this one. (4) So what’s to fear? There are no admission fees, no rites to perform, no religious officials to bow down to. It’s open and available to all, according to our stage of development.

Stage of development means that people who’ve let themselves express cruelty and hatred and greed end up on a lower spirit region than people who’ve expressed love and kindness and generosity.

The purpose of the whole journey of life is to come from God to God, following an arc, which is comprised of lifetimes in matter, as individuated fragments of God, in the process realizing who we are (which is God).

Therefore it stands to reason that the more we’re like God, the higher we go in the eternal realms.  Loving is more like God than hating. It occupies a higher region on Jacob’s ladder of consciousness.
This isn’t an elite. We determine our stage of development ourselves, by our own efforts.

Our vasanas and conditioning hold us back.  Underneath the debris, we’re innocent, loving, and free.
Those who take the time to clear themselves of core issues and its residue (our conditioning) are usually more loving, happy, caring, etc.

And go to the more amenable regions.

Hey, not happy with the arrangement? Argue with management.

But in the last analysis? We are management because we are God.

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