Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Sue Lie: Unconditionally Loving Your Self--Chakra One

This is a much need seven-week, seven chakra, seven minutes-a-day meditative journey through our inner energetic realities preparing us for some massive expansions of consciousness.  The price is right...Git sum complimentary enlightenment!

By Sue Lie And The Arcturians On 1-4-16

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the year of Unconditional LOVE as we start TODAY to allocate 7 Minutes a day for 7 weeks focusing on 7 chakras.

Let's build the unity consciousness that is necessary to birth our New Earth by sharing our process of loving ourselves unconditionally with others.  As we experience loving ourselves unconditionally with others, we also share our unconditional love.

Thank you everyone for your emails of support for this process. I know that I would really love to hear how you are doing with your process of loving your self UNCONDITIONALLY.

You can share your process for each of the seven different chakras in the blog in which the chakra was introduced. Your process is important to us all because we are ALL returning to our true SELF.

Blessings and Unconditional love for you all.
Welcome to the Year of Unconditional LOVE!

Today, we begin our 7-week process of performing daily 7-minute meditations focusing on our chakras and loving ourselves unconditionally.

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