Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Calling All Patriots!

I re-post many fine articles and posts of Suzanne's and wanted you to know about her kick-ass Patreon site; check it out and show her some Unconditional Love (she's earned every one of those Seven Saucers.)


By Suzanne Maresca On 1-11-21


I’m not sure if very many people were able to see how this election debacle would all be unfolding, but it’s an epic story with something new happening every day. The Golden Age of Gaia blog has its focus on other things, and if you’re a Patriot and you want to be informed about how we’re taking our country back, please do join our small and wonderful community on Patreon.

I’ve been posting on that site for a year now and I have Patrons from all over the planet.  Members can comment and interact, and for some it’s a lovely way to connect with others and not be ridiculed for supporting the President.  I’m sharing the sincere messages of support for what I post from our little circle, and it makes me so happy to be providing the information to those who want it.

  • I am continually so grateful for all you do and I just so appreciate that you cover so many of the topics I used to look for… thank you!
  • Keep up your excellent work and consider charging more for your service. It’s worth it!
  • You are knocking it out of the park. Unbelievable, stellar work. I would have to spend hours of searching to have any chance of coming up with the quality of information you have, and likely wouldn’t. Clearly you are good at this.
  • I’m happy to have found you, and your information is so valuable at this time, for not just me, but to people that I have been sharing it with. it’s so nice to have people like you out there putting out truth.
  • …very informative.
  • Thank you so much for all your Patreon messages. It must take a lot of constant research on your part. When I first signed up and I began receiving your messages I did not realise how much I would look forward to them. All your messages are relevant and important, and your personal comments are valuable and insightful.
Come join us to witness in real time how beautifully and well-orchestrated the White Hat Plan is unfolding ~

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