Monday, January 11, 2021

Disclosure Digest 1-11-21


 Buckle Up - DNA Upgrade In Progress!!!

A whole new quantum, benignly Sentient, AI driven Interweb is upon us; witness the myriad old modalities committing Hara-Kiri in broad daylight as we gradually re-set to 5D and above Harmonics.
Joe M@StormIsUponUs puts the whole shit-show in perspective once again, good ole' Joe:
Parler is about to blow, here's a summary. The world is under the control of several trans-generational crime syndicates and elite death cults who merged in recent years under the common goal to impose a one-world despotic government and population reduction to the tune of 90%. After completely compromising every form of global power using pedophilic blackmail as their favored method, elements in the US military loyal to the Republic devised a sophisticated plan of incomprehensible precision to root them out and expose their crimes to the world such that humanity would never allow it to happen again. Trump's first term was for installing the legal framework for a sting operation to ensnare them in a web of treason, espionage and election theft, while demonstrating to the people how close we had come to a communo-fascist hellscape of tyranny echoing the 3rd Reich. You've just turned to the final chapter of a spectacular story that will resonate throughout the ages. God bless USA. 🇺🇸
OMG I can’t wait to see the CGI perp-walk of a ‘holographic‘ Big Bird of a Pope: uber Kek:
A Lin Wood Rip on Pedocrats Everywhere; your reign of Satanic knuckleheadedry is so Over:
DC Officer Sicknick's death was driven by his pre-existing Medical Condition not a fire Extinguisher: 
[DS] Arkenciding is still rolling right along; convenient suicides taking-out peripheral Operatives:

 Forgiveness and Reconciliation are absolutely required in order to Heal the massive trauma Unfolding:

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