Saturday, January 2, 2021

Disclosure Digest 1-2-21-


Welcome To 2021

The Year Of The...


We begin with the latest videos by X22 Dave with special interview guest, Jordan Sather; grok Sum: 

Remember America for Sale, time to finally expose the Heart of Darkness - The Clinton Foundation:

Catherine Austin fits interview; the view From 30,000 Feet...a grokfest for Adventurous Amphibians:

This Devil’s Brew is loaded with Death, both quick and slow; Danger Will Robinson!

Dr. Weil is a majorly Cucked pitchman for Big Pharma; he surely had to bend over for this Input:

Try the Hemlock Pale Ale with your Death Jab, a lethal one-two Punch of Poison; Kek on Crack:

Even Big Bird was a pedophile's dream; Henson, Kappy, Scalia & Roberts Oh My! pedos Everywhere:

Please enjoy another trio of treasures courtesy of Suzanne Maresca over at GAoG; ponderfest Ahead:

O.K. you get the Last Word again, just be quick about 'cause my readers already got eye Strain:

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