Thursday, January 21, 2021

Mikos Of Inner Earth: Earth Is The Showcase Of The Milky Way Galaxy

Via Dianne Robbins On 1-21-21

 I am Mikos, speaking to you from the Library of Porthologos, where I am the Head Librarian. I reach out to you today, in harmony and goodwill toward all surface dwellers on Earth.

We extend our friendship to you with open arms, to receive you into our lives, into our homes, and into the Inner Earth where we dwell. Harmony surrounds us all inside the depths of the Earth, and soon harmony will surround the entire Earth, as she rises in consciousness, as an ascending Star in the Heavens.

As Earth floats through space, her weary travelers climb the ascension ladder that will bring all souls into the knowingness of their beings. Due to the enormous amounts of energy being directed to Earth, a flame has been ignited in the hearts of people, a flame so great, that all humanity has caught the fire of God’s spark of consciousness blazing in their hearts. This Light is awakening all people to the remembrance of who they are, and the knowledge of the Universe contained in each tiny body cell.

We see the Light as it pours forth onto Sacred Mother Earth’s body, igniting her atmosphere into a blazing Light that penetrates the body cells of all life on her surface. We, too, feel the intensity of this Light as it revs our vibration to speeds beyond Light. All on Earth are being blessed by the luminous Light show as Earth’s aura gleams through the density that once kept her hidden in darkness.

Now her Light is seeping through the vast expanses of space, where all eyes are focused on her amazing birth into Light. She is ignited and fanned by God’s Love, and all Ascended Beings, Angels, and Cetaceans carry the torch of Love that keeps her Light blazing through all life everywhere. No one can escape her Light now. Even the darkest of souls, who refuse to budge in their positions of power and destructiveness, are feeling the Light invade their space to reveal their intent to control the Earth’s populations. They love the dark, and the Light is exposing all facets of their true character for all to witness. This is creating an uncomfortable environment for them, and causing them to step up their operations and react more intensely to situations in government and politics. They will do themselves in, and bring about their own demise.

We are all in for exciting times ahead, as all knowledge that has been kept from you will be revealed. You will bask in the Light of “who you are”, and remember your purpose for being here. As Unity Consciousness envelopes the Earth, she will rapidly rise in frequency to burst through the third dimensional barrier of density into the Light of the fifth dimension, carrying you all with her.

These are remarkable times, never before experienced on Earth. Soon you will be discovering hidden ancient knowledge, tablets and ancient writings that will remind you all of your heritage, and free you from life’s struggle. All you need is free.

We, in the Inner Earth, are free people living free lives. And this freedom is what keeps us perpetually young in heart and young in body. For we have resolved to never deviate from God’s laws. For it is God’s laws that keep us in health and wealth, and that perpetuate our life spans.

All is quickening on Earth. In the Inner Realms, where all is Light and all is Love, we watch in amazement as more and more humans awaken to the call of their souls daily, and opt for peace, opt for life, opt for all that is their birthright. The Earth is the Showcase of the Milky Way Galaxy, for it is bringing all life back to the heart of God, to be reunited in one great Wave of Ascension.

We remain hidden in the Earth’s core until Unity Consciousness prevails on the surface, at which time you will find us in the midst of you, guiding you and loving you and welcoming you home.


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