Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Disclosure Digest 1-20-21

 This Is The Really Scary Part Of The Movie,

Just Remember To...

Our 1776 Moment is right now; the commie coup & election steal is complete; now comes the Pain:

Pillow Patriot has more class in his little finger than all the big-box retailers who dumped him; Amen:  

Fortress DC is Rothschild 'enemy territory' now occupied by 65,000+ troops from all 50 States; Oorah:

The Clone Rodent Elect knows...the Restored Republic is Imminent and he's just a side Show:

Elsewhere around the World governments are imploding, leaders 'retiring' and notables Suiciding:

Thank Covid for providing the Massive Distraction to usher in GESARA LAW all around the World:

James McConnell was kind enough to bring through a spot-on message from Le Comte Du St.Germain:

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