Saturday, January 9, 2021

Disclosure Digest 1-9-21


 Buckle Up! 

It's Game On...


Sorcha Fal is producing very sound Intel Reports on the Follies, perhaps the best on the Interweb:

Today's line-up on Curmudgeon's Row looks something like this; Grok-A-Thon:

And on the lighter side of mass hysteria we have a few more Bee-stings to share with Y'all: 

Enjoy this rag-tag collection of info-snippets garnered from the shell-shocked Anons:

Roshi Joan Halifax contemplates life on the edge while cruising the Sangre De Christo Mountains: 

Our Lady of Sedona sheds some welcome Crystalline Clarity on the current energetic Follies:

Creator sez "Job well done!" Well, O.K. if you say so; will the shit-show really turn into a rose Garden?

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