Monday, January 25, 2021

Disclosure Digest 1-25-21


Another Salvo In The Hot Meme War


Git sum Excellent background on defunct US Inc. & the coming Restored Republic; it’s Historical:

Totally corrupted US Intelligence Agencies; your Nazi super-race-shithead genes are showing Zbig...

Foul Fauci worked hard to earn his moniker; a simple UV light scan shows his swastika Armband:

Bozo Bezos to Sheeple - good old in-person voting for Me, flawed mail-in voting for Thee; the Gall:

Bill Gatesafeller now wants to dim the Sun and all other Light cuz he’s a Deamon spawn of Satan:

BOM has the Gates clone jumping through flaming hoops into his own Borg Implants; puppets All: 

Tucker and Hannity, slow studies that they are, are starting to draw very heavy Flak; send some Love:

Yahweh’s on deck and He brought along all his Luminous Friends; James nails it, Blossom Groks:

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