Monday, January 4, 2021

Disclosure Digest 1-3-21

The January Contributions From

Those Folks In The Rafters


Marilyn Raffaele channelling the Arcturian Group kicks us off with this inspiring message; grok Sum:

This gem from The Nine channelled graciously for us by our beoved Magenta Pixies; for High Vibers:

Every once in a while Emmanuel nails one of his Energy Reports and here it is; Enjoy:

Lorie Ladd produced this sweet, encouraging pep-talk video for all of us Struggling with Change:

This omnibus monthly missive from Matthew is a fine primer for our ongoing Planetary Ascension:

Sue Lie does a nice job as the biological telephone for her Arcturian crew in this latest Offering:

Kuan Yin seems to have reached her use-by date in the Cosmic Scale of things; tres Interdasing: 

These World teachers can be a bit long winded at times but who’s gonna tell ‘Em? 

Sacred Scribe Ronna needs no introduction as AAM clarifies some Sacred Geometries for us All:

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