Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Disclosure Digest 1-27-21

Enjoy This Leo-Aquarius Full Moon

And Git Yer Howl On! 

Your complimentary copy of Stephanie's EcoAstrology Update: Leo-Aquarius Full Moon 1-28-21:

This is the latest informative video from Utsava and Charlie; try grokking the rest of the Story:

Here's the best of today's un-truths, half-truths, whole truths and some nothing Buts for good Measure:

X22 Dave doinks on fear porn w/a hefty dose of ‘yeah, Right...’ I wanna hear this guy on the EBS!

Team Dark is increasingly showing it’s Nazi-Cabal-NAA roots in everything they attempt; Javol:

Another Cabal gov’t. bites the dust...the Swamp is closing for business; the cleansing of DC Begins:

We dedicate this Bee-Sting bundle to all 'den alte Kakers' out there who still remember real Comedy:

Kekworthy disrespect from the Military towards the Faux President; moar Popcorn - no Butter:

Sunny thoughts to the fore - stinking thinking begone; creator always states the message Perfectly:

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