Friday, January 29, 2021

Disclosure Digest 1-29-21

The Pindar’s Got No Pee-Pee &
The Satanic Cabal Is Headless


Dr. Salla’s certainly got sum Huevos (and competent bodyguards!) to put this one up; nicely Done:

For more real Earth history & origins of the Matrix of Bondage just rent the film Jupiter Ascending: 

Non-Jesuit straight talking priest on Roman walk-a-bout tells it like it Is: Grok Sum:

We no longer will no longer tolerate ‘secret police’ agencies in Any form; Bulldozers:

I Shot Love The Sheriff, but I didn't touch no Deputy...Common Law custodians of the Peace, Ya Mon:

Semper Fi, Tulsi...go get ‘em with the unvarnished Truth & play your new role- Sen.Wonder Woman!

Try Denise's Diner for a tasty helping of First Contact A-La-Mode and a real Brooklyn Egg Cream:

Creator does the honors yet again, a Fine job of it as usual; Cheerio-o and Carry On:

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