Monday, January 11, 2021

Flash Announcement From Utsava

Good Evening.
I'm uploading a video right now, but it takes me days to upload as they are blocking me... I wanted to post this information to give you all an immediate "heads up."
Parler has already been shut down, and more social media is following suit. In my upcoming video, I state that Parler would be shut down.
In my new video, I also state that the Insurrection Act is in place right now. This was confirmed this morning by President Trump. People have witnessed military on the road and military helicopters/aircraft around Washington DC and Pennsylvania. All over the US, people have been spotting lots of military airplane traffic to Gitmo, which is in line with the ongoing mass arrests of these government criminals.
About the Insurrection Act, according to the general definition:
Insurrection Act of 1807
The Insurrection Act of 1807 is a United States federal law that empowers the President of the United States to deploy U.S. military and federalized National Guard troops within the United States in particular circumstances, such as to suppress civil disorder, insurrection or rebellion.
U.S. Investment Sanctions on Chinese Military-Linked Companies (Executive Order 13959)
This is already in effect. Lots of companies are going down. Many mass media channels are going down. The Declaration of War is taking place.
I have also received Insider information that Walmart will be shut down by the end of this year due to its involvment in child trafficking and other crimes. Other stores and companies will face the same type of action. This will take down big corporations. This is also related to the aformentioned Executive Order.
Bitcoin Crash Coming!
For almost two years I have said that a serious crash is near and predicted it for 2021! Today it crashed!
Bitcoin is down 25% today. I don't think this crash is a coincidence considering the current events. Insiders have stated that due to the aformentioned Executive Order, it will likely crash, which is completely in line with my prediction. Silver and gold have been trading steadily.
More News

President Trump has stated that he will not go to the Inauguration, yet the GOP chairman stated in his letter that Trump will be inaugurated on January 20. What I see happening is that a clone or robot of Trump will likely appear in his place for safety.
At the same time that the old system is playing itself out, a new system called Trumpsara (or Nesara/Gesara) is being established. The Insurrection Act is being used to usher in this new system. The military is taking over, as we have stated over the past few days. We also have stated that the military is running the country right now and that Trump is not really president at this time.
There are different phases being played out simultaneously. While the new Quantum System is rolling out, we have the old system playing out its script. Think movie, think smokescreen and sting operation.
Nancy Pelosi (or shall I say her clone...) is again calling for Trump's impeachment. After her arrest (I stopped counting how many times she has been arrested over the past couple of years) the Treason will be complete, as the GOP chairman stated in his recent letter.
The Blackouts at the Vatican and in Pakistan were done by the White hats (these blackouts can be done by the White hats or the Black hats). The power grid is safe, don't worry. If we have an outage, it won't be any different than a regular outage, or it will be an outage by the White hats. I received an alien message a month ago confirming that the power grid is safe.
Pence colluded with the Vatican in committing Treason. Vatican officials have been arrested. The pope was already arrested and executed in Spring 2020. What we see in his place is a double or hologram.
Confirmed by Insiders: The exact day on which EBS happens is up to Trump. Nobody knows (as we have mentioned before), but it is COMING UP! Trump and his military team are looking at various events to set the exact date, which is not clear as of yet. The EBS will reveal the truth about how our country was hijacked, the Tribunals, etc. Regular TV, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. will likely all be shut down so that people can get the REAL news.
Pelosi's (and other politicians') computers were seized at the Capitol on January 6. Antifa went into the Capital. Some patriots infiltrated Antifa and took the computer. Nancy Pelosi is freaking out about her computer being seized (which is why she is calling for Trump's impeachment). What is on this computer? We will soon know more! It contains vast evidence of her crimes.
Right now, there are ongoing arrests of government officials, from the federal level to state and local employees, all the way to school districts. The Insiders have told me that they have started arresting governors and people at the county levels, at the courts and the Supreme Court as well.
Have enough food at home for at least ten days, cash on hand and make sure your car is filled up with gasoline.
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