Monday, January 11, 2021

Disclosure Digest 1-12-21

Let The Planetary Healing Begin 

On This New Moon


Git yer EcoAstrology Update: Capricorn New Moon January 12, 202, right here, right Now, right Arm: 

Auroras be lookin' like human auras, go figure, it must be that As Above, So Below thingy Habbening:

A Must Watch Charlie Ward video; 2021 Year of the Boomerang, 1/11 Trump Declares War on China:
X22 Dave is still cranking out the killer 'B' segments we've all come to Love; the DC holding Coral:
Keeping the anti-insurgency 'quiet' Marine Corps style; it’s hammer-drop time for Death Cultists:
The (C_A) Bitcoin bubble seems to be bursting as all Dark Web ‘Paypals’ begin to Implode:
At the very end of the Mockingbird Media Era they go after Truthers on any puissant little Platform:
The English suffer Bouncers in grocery stores enforcing fascist lock-down micro-management; Sick: 
A sprightly triplet of twinkling evanescent blog posts, the staple fare of Suzanne Maresca; Grazie:

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