Sunday, January 24, 2021

Disclosure Digest 1-24-21

With disinformation obscuring the truth of the transformation of our prison planet into a Free and Galactic Hue-man Home-world, I will attempt to curate my postings towards the positive, uplifting and the spiritually accurate. I will not always be successful. The content you may find upsetting is most likely just what you really need to know about. So it goes, Frens... Peace be Upon You. 

We Are Witnessing The Birth Of

The Patriot Party


T'would seem Globo-corporate revenge is kicking into high gear; just who/what are they afraid Of?

Our patriotic military is now in control of the government and will continue to Drain the Swamp:

Git yer Sorcha from 1/24 (1/22 & 1/23 also worth a look) and X22 Dave is still nailing it Bigtime:   

Well, we’ve come a long way in 10 years and here we are with Disclosure Imminent: Git Sum:

Creator bounces us out of here with a short, sweet Reminder:

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