Sunday, January 10, 2021

Disclosure Digest 1-10-21


 I Like The Lion Logo M'Self

It's Oh So Sirian...

For those who still require some sort of ‘official party’ affiliation howdya' like 'Patriot Party'?

It's official: POTUS signed the Insurrection Act and all EO's into effect last night; it's Game On Frens:

Pence Out,more checks, Military Arrests confirmed, Diana's new gig, Kappy, Coby's Alive, Swindlers: 

And now the Rest of the Seth Rich Tragedy, in 3 parts all of which are posted as of today; Grokfest:

This is an Omnibus video from Catherine Austin Fitts released on 1/5/21; git sum Sovereignty:

Trump on the Hero's Journey to full Galactic Consciousness; Spot-on, Justin...go Git Sum!

Oracle wants to be Skynet for real - big yacht, private island in HI and loves children (medium- Rare):

Props to Ann and her back-up vocal group, The Angels; you can dance the old Right/Wrong Two-Step:

Creator's got a lotta Jewish in the old Gene-Pool, always answering a question with another Question:

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