Thursday, January 21, 2021

Disclosure Digest 1-21-20


Desperate Dirty Tricks In Play By [TD]

No Fear - Patriots In Control


Folks, there's a digital meltdown a goin' down all over the Interweb; Frens, go chill w/ Sun Tzu:

X22 ( b) 1/20&21: 11-3 Marker Explained & the meaning of 'Done in 30'; a grok-a-thon for Free:

The Alliance is exterminating international human trafficking w/Death of a Thousand Busts; carry On:  

Git sum Kara, Jennnifer and lovely Lorie Ladd's latest video which I prefer to play at 1.5x - Mukhay?

Last Word Wise it's old you-know-Who again; believe me, you'll laugh 'till ya Plotz; 18 or Older:

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