Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Disclosure Digest 1-6-21


Let the Games Begin!


President Trump tells America to prepare for week “That Will Change History”- Semper Fidelis:

The Rona is a fear based common cold bug being used to lock us all down; a humongous Lie:
Behold the ghoulish Guide Stones of Doom in, where else, Georgia! The Creature From Jekyll Island:

The Obummer Bundles are still amusing to most but just wait 'till the true horrors are made Known:

You can just smell the fear and loathing exuding from Frau Hitler as it all goes terminally Wrong:

Denise nails the faux Ascender ‘insiders’ in this review of the year just ended; just Updated - Hmmm:
As my Buddhist teachers always said "Practice Maitri at all times and always start with Yourself":

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