Saturday, January 30, 2021

Disclosure Digest 1-30-21


Say It Loud & Say It Proud!


Here it is Frens, the definitive History Of Kek & Pepe; long awaited and now available in Paperback:

The Military orchestrates the Implosion of certain municipalities, Foreign & Domestic; this is a Movie:

The Alliance Cleanup of corrupt CCP officials rolls on, getting little-to-no  coverage in our LSM: 

Admiralty Law is wrong from it's illegitimate Top to Bar Assn’s; return The Republic & Common Law:

Systemically 'Toxifying' humans is a Yuge [DS] multi-millennial Project, Ashtar reveals the Why of It:

Lorie Ladd gets her 'ping-pong' On with the Voices in Her Head; you could speed up the Playback:

Jon Stewart comes out of retirement to defend the Game Stop Gang from the Big Money Bastards:

A sprightly triplet of trans-dimensional truths from our friends over at the golden Age of Gaia; git Sum:

Today Alan Watts gets the closing honors spot with the classic - The One Thing You Mustn't Know:

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