Sunday, January 17, 2021

Disclosure Digest 1-17-21

Q Day Falls On A Sunday 

This Interdasting Month...


Vax-insanity creeps up out of the EU fetid pedo-swamp in Brussels; wakey, wakey sleepy Sheeple:

This conveniently heart-attacked Satanic Scion is a welcome new addition to the Suicide Weekend List: 

Ah, sweet irony, the Poison Foods [DS] rich guy all-of-a-sudden gotta’ explore the vertical real-Estate: 

Executed in prison hospital for Crimes Against Humanity (ritual satanic child Abuse):

One of the 95% of Brit politicos who will shortly be arrested; good Riddance:

The old school Big Apple goombahs are gettin’ swept up in the Big Cabal Dragnet; oh Happy Days:

For our handful of Canadian readers - this one's for y'all, eh; Curling just fascinates our Star Families:

Please enjoy this long overdue Three Witches Bundle for your Spiritual and Angelic edification; AUM:

Creator 's got a word (and image) you, so sit up straight, loose the chewing gum and Pay Attention:

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