Saturday, January 16, 2021

Disclosure Digest 1-16-21


 It's Time To Enjoy The Show

(And Please Stay Low)

Trustless? Permission-less! I think I’m gonna Love 3.0, ya Know; git sum Patriotic mind-Droppings:

He's so popular and prolific we've created a new bundle -Uncle Charlie's Corner! geezer Friendly:

Polish Patriots are gettin’ it right again; Kielbasa, Popcorn and Slivovitz for All: Solidarność!!!

Dutch Pedo-crats go down just like the House oh Orange-Nassau; good Riddance:

The Chinese people want to be free too; anyone got 'Where we go one we go all' in Mandarin?

Lock-down for the Round-Up is already in place for next week; this is a Military Op, Buffalo Guy:

Betty is, as her given name indicates, a White Hat Secret Weapon against Hippocracy & Lorie and John:

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