Saturday, February 1, 2014

Heavenletter #4817

Well, we've heard from Mom, now let's give Dad a chance...
DT the ET 

A Juncture Of Time

By:, 2-1-14 
God said:
You have three things in life:

You have Me. You have life. You have soul. And, a fourth: You have ideas.

You have always had Me. I always existed, and from My existence came you.

I could word these thoughts differently: You are I. You are life. You are soul.

These are absolute. There is no taking these away.

All your life on Earth and all that you make of it are ideas. The ideas may be proven or unproven. Still, they are only ideas.

King or slave, both are ideas, and, from your ideas come feelings and actions and reactions. Everything on Earth is an idea. The floor beneath your feet is an idea. No matter how real it seems to you, it is an idea. 

Good and bad are ideas. Even precious individuality is an idea. An idea is a simulation.

I left out an important factor. You are energy. We can say that all of existence is energy. Love is energy. A stone is energy. A river is energy. Water is energy. Your body is energy. Your heart is energy. And the core of energy is nothingness or Silence or a long list made by a human mind and hand.

I am not that much into lists, for My mind, which is very much the same as My heart, deals not with details but with Oneness. If I were a fire, We can say I am the fire and you are the sparks. I won’t argue that. I am energy, and you are My energy, and everything else is My energy or a picture of it, We could say.

When the soul leaves the body in what is called death, and you view another’s vacant body, you know that the soul is no longer there in the body. You know it. It has gone somewhere. Nothing true can be destroyed. Far deeper than personality is soul. The person you loved had a soul that is no longer present in the body. No matter how much you loved the appearance of the body, you see the body as it is. At so-called death, you see framework that your friend’s soul brought to life.

Every thought has an energy. Energy can pack a punch. Energy may spin higher or faster or lower or slower. It can be said that energy is dark or light or bright or dull. All energy has its place and, believe it or not, its value in terms of the world. Of course, this is academic.

Nevertheless, it is natural and, therefore, advisable, to gravitate to the high positive energy of light, also referred to as Love, referred to as Oneness, referred to as Being. You are a High Being of Light. No matter how you may live in the world, this is so. Of course, it is not all this simple to you. At the same time, isn’t this obvious that you are more than you let on?

Play in the Light, beloveds. Look up! Follow the Light. Darkness can fend for itself.

Of course, you realize that darkness and light are both ideas. Ideas can be true. Light is true, and darkness is not, and yet, in the relative world, there is a gradating scale that goes up or down.

In the extant world, My Children are caught up in the idea of opposites. Boy and girl, night and day, jolly or sad, and so on. And, yet, the idea of Oneness is true, and ideas that We call lesser ideas, no matter how apparent, are untrue. Love is true. Being is true. The physical world is an idea. Concreteness is an idea. Action is an idea. Colors are an idea. And all the world’s ideas are attachments to one thing or another or ideas of ideas.

All your capabilities as perceived in the world are all ideas. It has been said that you are My idea. I have said that. You are My Being, My Light, My Energy, and I will stop here at the idea of a juncture of time.

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