Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Saint Germain – A Transfomative Tsunami Of Love Is On the Verge And Answers From The Masters Q&A

Channelled Through James McConnell On 2-4-14

Saint Germain:
I am Saint Germain. The time has come my brothers and sisters, for whoever would be in this room and whoever would read these words – the time has come. It has been said you are on the verge - you are on the verge of a transformation. A transformative event is coming upon you and within you. First it will be within, first you will know it without a doubt that there is a transformation happening within you. It will not be denied. You will not be able to move throughout your day and know that you have not felt the transformation within you. This is for most will come even in this month we are in now.

There are many that are in the process now of their ascension. Some have already moved on and are returning. Others have moved on and don’t even know that they have yet moved on. But after this transformational event within you, you will no longer doubt that. You will know that you have transitioned. This is not something that is going to take years and a lifetime – you have been through that already. You have been preparing for this for lifetimes, some thousands of lifetimes, preparing for this very time, this very moment that you are approaching, that you are on the verge of now. Some would say they are not ready for this. Some would say others are not ready for this for they would pass a judgment upon another saying “how can you ascend…you are not ready”. But how can one say that one is not ready? Who is it that can make that understanding but the Creator, Himself or Herself.

You are all on the verge of the precipice now. And as you look out over this precipice, it looks like a long way down. But know that as you step off in faith and in love, there is no falling. There is only a soaring, flying with your wings, your angelic wings that you each have and do not even know it. You, my brothers and sisters, all of you are about to step off that precipice and we are stepping off it with you. And when I say “we” I am talking not only of those that mentor to you. I am talking not only of the Earth herself or the solar system or the many solar systems within the galaxy, or even the galaxy. I am talking all are stepping off the precipice, all are moving in vibration to their next level of consciousness that they would reach.

So what is happening here has been called the tsunami of love and this tsunami will spread. It will start as just a small wave, maybe even a trickle, but it will gain in its intensity until it encompasses the entire planet, the solar system and the galaxy. You, each one, are a part of this grand experiment coming to an end and forming a new beginning, a new beginning that is being forged from the very fire that you are.

There is also that which is being called the Reset, the financial reset that also is upon you now. For you have the transformative event within yourself and also a transformative event external to yourself, or seemingly external because all is the same, all is One. It is internal and external at once for you are in the present moment. And in this present moment your very world, as you know it, is about to transform. No one but the Prime Creator knows the exact moment but as has been said, you are on the verge now and it is upon you. I AM Saint Germain, go in peace my friends, my brothers and sisters. For we are in this together and have been for a very long time and we are with you all the way. Peace and Love. (Peace and Love, thank you so much)

One Who Serves  (aka The Masters)

Q: I have a question about…thank you so much for being here…so as the changes take place, for instance, through the month of you know, possibly this month, things like our 9-5 jobs, is this going to shift this quickly where we’re you know not, not going to be…needed at those jobs anymore? We’re going to start the new phases? 

OWS: When you have the transformative event that has been called “The EVENT”, when that has occurred, and that is not necessarily this month. Must understand here what has been said… But when “THE Event” happens, which is culminated by several different events, when that happens there will be many things that will be changing in respect to your regular daily activities. Many already now at this point are being, moved away in various ways from their present understanding of what has brought them their support, their support system, their understanding. Many are beginning to leave the familiar, those things which were the old way, and leaving that and moving into something more that is unknown, yes, but it brings them a certain, feeling of accomplishment. A feeling of being in the right place at the right time, you see?


So it is not that when “The Event” occurs everybody will simply stop living. This will not be – you will still have your lives, you will still in many respects, some will still go to their jobs but their jobs will be changing. Not overnight necessarily but understand that as there is no more need for things such as oil and gas and how this will change the entire atmosphere of your culture, you see? There will be no more need for factories and all of these things when the replicators are brought out, you see? So all of these things will change but this will be somewhat more of the gradual change. But when “The Event” itself happens, there will be moments of joy that you have not even begun to understand yet and this will be accompanied by the Great Awakening across the planet which will then trigger many other different changes happening.

Great – thank you.

Q: What’s the difference between what Saint Germain was talking about that could possibly happen this month, to the transformative thing within people and “The Event”? Is one more personal?

OWS: Yes. The first transformative event is within yourself. It is a knowing that comes within you and it is already beginning for many. And in some, had even culminated in some, but those that have not had it yet are going to begin to experience this. And there will be those, as has been said many times, those “aha” moments. But these “aha” moments will be coming one right after another. It will not be one and then you sit and rest for two months, three months, that has been happening before. It will be one here in that moment and then a few moments later another one and another one, you see? This is the tsunami that has been spoken of, a tsunami of love will come upon each of you and within each of you. And it is those of the Lightworker community that will be experiencing these things first because they are the ones that are mostly awakening here.

But those that will follow after this will come about because of those that are awakening, you see? They will lead to the next and to the next and to the next. And the flames will be burning within each and as we look at these things from our point of view (and we can see across the planet) we can see the light, the lights flickering, as the Ashtar said last week when he spoke about the light bulb going on within each or above each you might say as a visualization, we can see those light bulbs going on everywhere or a little flicker of flame going on everywhere. And those flames are spreading now, those light bulbs are spreading everywhere. And after “The Event,” they will be completely across the entire planet with only very small pockets of darkness still. And those will be the ones that will be pushing against the Light

Q: I have a question.

OWS: Yes.

I was wondering if you could help me understand why I’m hesitant at this point to try to remember my dreams. I’ve had a lot of dreams and I wake up not wanting to remember them.

OWS: Because, my dear sister, there is a portion of you, a part of you that is holding on for dear life. There is most of you now that is saying to “let go, it is time to move on”. You have done this in your physical world in terms of your business type of atmosphere and you’re letting go of certain things, but there is still a portion of you that is saying “no it cannot be – this is still the old 3D and it’s going to stay this way and nothing is going to change” you see? You have that conflict going on within you, that war within you.

We know you have called that, as we find it within the James, the “Golem effect” here. And that is still going on but it is lessening. We see it lessening and lessening and lessening and as you find yourself delving into your work and your experience of creativity it is becoming more and more and more lessened that that part of you that we would call the ego self of you is holding you back, you see? And it is trying for dear life to not lose its own life. It is as if the ego itself has a life of its own and in many respects, in many, it does. It has been called many things somewhat the “dweller at the threshold”, you see? And this is holding on for dear life and will continue to do so until the love comes through and washes it completely away. Not in terms of washing the ego away or not…that is not going to happen, but it is going to transform the ego, you see?

I understand what you just said, I just don’t understand if you could be more direct, if that’s possible, why I’m afraid to remember my dreams.

OWS: As we are saying here…can try to say it differently possibly but it is that part of you that is holding you back. It is that part that is holding on to the fear in some respects. Not that you want to have the fear, we are not saying that because at a conscious level, at a deep knowing level, you know that fear is nothing. It is not even meant to be here but it is still holding on because that is what the ego has known. And for a very long time too, to protect. It is there to serve and protect, you see? But in that serving and protecting that is the old way, the old paradigm. That is not the new Golden Age that is upon you. There will be no more need for the ego to serve and protect.

So there’s no, there’s no message in my dreams?

OWS: There are many messages in your dreams but it is needing for you to let go so that you receive those messages, you see? (okay) And when you have done that you will move more fully into the dreams and you will have those, what are called more lucid dreams.

But the dreams seem dark and scary.

OWS: They seem dark and scary because they are unknown. Whenever there is blackness in your dream, dark in your dream, it is because it is the unknown.

It’s not necessarily bad then?

OWS: No. Very few dreams, unless they are what have been called nightmares, very few dreams have that aspect of something bad in them or negative in them. For you can always look at the negative or the positive side of the negative, you see?

Sure, yeah that’s true.

OWS: It is the two sides of the same coin.

So, so what can I say to myself before I go to sleep that would help me remember my dreams and not fear?

OWS: Yes and this is for ALL to hear here. When you are going to, in your sleep state, begin to, drift off you say simply “I will remember and be in control of my most important dreams.” That will put that into your, semi-consciousness state. Anything further here?

Thank you.
OWS: We hear some other question coming.

Q: Just real quick I was going to ask about it the other day when I was dreaming away having my dreams, crazy dream, I you know, sounded like it was outside of myself although, you know, it could have been inside myself. It was outside of my dream. I heard a voice in my left ear. It spoke to me and it said “wake up”. 

OWS: Yes.

And I did wake up but it was more, it wasn’t like it was part of my dream. It was separate from the dream like somebody was really speaking to me.

OWS: Yes.
Would you comment on that?

OWS: We think you already know the answer, do you not? For what do the two words mean, “wake up”?
Well right…

OWS: They are simply to say to “Wake Up” and here is not to say to wake up from your dream.
This is for you to AWAKEN! To, to know that you are already awakening, you see? To come to that understanding.

Okay, I guess I was more curious if that was a voice of like a guide or was that the voice of my Higher Self…

OWS: And we would say to you…

Does it matter…

OWS: Does it matter who the messenger is? But is the message, is it not? And this is not only for you and in no way take it as chastisement or anything of this nature for there would never be that coming from us but see it as an awakening process that is happening. This is part of the transformative event we’re talking about here within you. This is the beginnings of that. And the more you ALLOW it, and this is what is most important here, you must allow for this. And the more you allow it and go with the flow the more it will happen. But if one says “enough, I cannot take it anymore” then it will stop. You see?

Yes I see, thank you.

OWS: So allow it to be. This is what you have been looking for! What you have been asking for! You want signs? Here are the signs coming (laughter). They are right in front of you, they are going to beat you over the head here (laughter). Be ready! And then you think “Oh I just got a feeling of beating over the head but that’ not a sign, what is that?” (Laughter) “That’s nothing – that is just the same old, same old”. No, it is NOT the same old, same old anymore. TRUST Yes, the truth shall set you free, people! (Laughter) It’s coming.

I have another question, just really fast. I heard some testimony, some interviews, some people attesting to an event that happened in December when there was a very loud sound and they said it sounded like somebody blowing in a bottle (makes blowing noise) like that but it was really loud. So loud that it woke a lot of people up and they haven’t been able to locate the source of the sound but it apparently happened in many different states across the country. …and people are coming forward and asking “what is that?” Do you know what that is?

OWS: Yes. And it is certainly for those that have ears to hear.

Joanna: I didn’t hear it.

OWS: That does not mean it is not there.

No, I’m just saying I wanted to have the ears to hear but I didn’t get to hear it.

OWS: But you do have that already, you already do. You hear much do you not?

But I didn’t hear that sound.

OWS: Ones that were out there could have some of the things that have come to you in ways of signs they would be very appreciative of that, very happy for that. And we’re not saying that you are not, this is not the point here. But the point is that it is already happening across the planet to many and they receive these various understandings and signs, if you wish to call them that, and they say, “no this is not a sign, it is not real” or “I want something else, I want more (laughter) and I want more and I want more”, you see?

And as your collective consciousness reaches out and says “I want more, I want more”, you are going to get more, you see? It is all in consciousness as you, yourself, have said many times. The collective consciousness is creating all that is happening here but is not only the collective consciousness of the Earth, you must understand this, or humans here on this planet. It is the collective consciousness of all of the solar systems within the galaxy and the collective consciousness of the galaxy herself.

So was the Earth making the sound? What was making the sound?

OWS: Yes it is coming from the Earth. You can call it, if you wish, birth pangs, you see?

Okay, yeah that makes sense.

Group: Very interesting – you can look it up on YouTube. That’s a great explanation….birth pangs.

OWS: Thank you, we think so too. (Laughter)

So those that were hearing the sound of the birth pangs of the planet, were they also experiencing their own rebirth? 

OWS: Possibly yes. It could be somewhat of the “aha” moments we were speaking of but it could also be one that has no conscious understanding of any of this and hears this and wonders. And just that little bit of wonderment begins to create an awakening process within them. And then it leads to the next and to the next and to the next. And very soon they have that tsunami coming over them and filling them with the Light and the Love and the Oneness. Anything further here before we release channel?

Group: no I don’t think so…

OWS: We have enjoyed this time to be with you, as we always do and are very much looking forward to those times that are coming now where we will be more in physical proximity with you. And we can literally place our arms around you and you around us. We are looking for the great cosmic hug. (Laughter – yes, us too). Shanti , peace be with you, be the One. And be in joy.

Channeled by James McConnell

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