Monday, February 3, 2014

The Arcturian Group 2-2-14

Channelled By Marilyn Raffaelle

Greetings. Often you have believed yourselves to be alone and wondered why the Galactic help promised has not materialized. It is about free will dear ones. There are limits to how much any others can do for the ascension of earth because your journey into new dimensional energy is yours…chosen by you and brought about by each personally and then globally. No one can do your inner work for you which is the error perpetuated by many belief systems. There are those who believe that Jesus or some saint or Guru will do all their work for them and that they are forever “saved” simply by declaring their belief in that one person as a savior. They then continue to go about their daily lives in old three dimensional ways believing that the work of their “salvation” is finished.

The teacher Jesus, or Yeshua, came as a messenger of truth into a very dense world. He tried to teach the people who they really were and show them how to grow beyond the bonds of the third dimension.  He was a way shower but could not do the work for anyone else.  The world was not ready and most did not understand his message which has been the experience of many truth teachers throughout time as often the best they could do was plant the seeds of truth.

You as individual expressions of the  Divine are now ready to live the truth.  This is not a work  for “wimps” for it is difficult to leave behind many of the tried and true ways  that have worked throughout lifetimes.  You are  explorers forging new paths.  Change can be very frightening to a world-view programming our minds to plot and plan everything according to whatever current concepts of the “best way” of doing something are.

Learn to  listen and trust your intuition as you go about your daily tasks, knowing that you are spiritual  beings and not lowly and sinful humans needing to be saved, as many of you have been taught. Living from within will become easier and more comfortable the more you practice for it is your true nature to live this way. This does not mean you do not order your airline tickets or plan your day, it means that you always have one ear listening within and if what you are planning does not resonate with you, you honor that.

Everything you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell is a concept… a mind interpretation of the  spiritual reality. Divine consciousness is omnipresent– could anything exist outside of Omnipresence? Your world  is within you, not outside of you. For example, when you look at a tree, know that the Divine Idea of that tree is spiritual, light, beauty, and never ages and what you are perceiving as a tree is the three dimensional concept of the spiritual idea of tree. Do you see dear ones, your state of consciousness determines how you interpret and then form for yourself the Ideas embodied within a Universal and Omnipresent Consciousness. The world is within you, not outside of you. Omnipresence assures that nothing is separate.  This will be difficult  for some to digest, but try not to react, setting up walls of resistance. Instead instead take this idea within and ponder it, asking for help in your understanding.

This is your work, this is how you change the resonance of the world and create new and higher forms of everything.  Understand that every Divine Idea is ALREADY embodied within your consciousness and you need never seek for anything outside of yourself. This truth, if understood by all, would change the energy of the world in a second.  Free will allows man to interpret according to his state of consciousness taking as long as he chooses. Truth is forever, and is not dependent upon what anyone believes or doesn’t believe.  Knowing the truth does not mean you  are unaware of the appearances formed of duality and separation nor does it mean shouting; “God is all, I need do nothing”. It means that you begin to see these creations for what they are–manifestations formed of duality and separation with no law to support or sustain them. This way you do not add your energy to the appearances.

The Arcturian Group wishes to speak about the energy of transformation now present and causing  many to question the value of many rigid structures still  in place through law or consent. Be not afraid as these structures begin to crumble for there is nothing to hold them in place but the belief in them.  They are concepts and once the belief is no longer there, they cannot exist. Many of these structures were necessary in a society not yet ready to embrace its own power but it is now a new time. Awakened consciousness energy is causing many houses of cards to fall…it is a sign of  evolution.

There will be those who, through an ignorance of what is happening spiritually in the world, resist and panic at any change. Familiarity is their comfort and security even when it is painful and something different would be better. You can be of assistance to these fearful ones even if it consists simply a calm listening ear. An energy field filled with peace and love can comfort without any words. Structures of government, law, religion, family etc. are all changing …most will change or fall completely.

Much change is coming through the courage of brave souls not afraid to shine their light into dense shadows.  These much maligned light workers often put their own lives on the line in order to help a sleeping world awaken out of complacency and move into its power.  Man must begin to see themselves as more than helpless pawns in the hands of the powerful or nothing will change. Be brave dear ones, for the outer manifests the inner and each day you are filled with more light. Complete change cannot happen overnight for it has taken eons of time to be what it is.

You are being lovingly watched and studied by many from other planets because you are teaching them how it is to evolve within the heavy structure of duality and separation. They too are learning from your efforts and your evolution.

We are the Arcturian Group / lin

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